Wing Zone UK

American fast food chain Wing Zone has landed in UK, opening its first store in Finsbury Park. It is less than a minute walk from Finsbury Park. A fellow food blogger friend invited me to join him to attend the grand opening of Wing Zone. A great opportinity  to find out more about what it brings to UK.

Wing Zone specialise in serving chicken wings and it is about their range of signature sauces. There are nine different flavours to choose, although in America there are many more. In the UK there are currently the choice of Buffalo Bliss, Hot Shot, Nuclear Habanero, Liquid Gold, Honey Q, Sweet Samurai, Thai Chili, Mango Fire and Garlic Parm. Six out of the nine flavours are spicy. But my favourite is actually one of the non-spicy flavour, Honey Q.

The most deadly one has to be the Nuclear Habanero which is the flavour for the brave and for those who can stand up to firey spice. The one that took me and many by surprise has to be the Mango Fire. It started off with a fruity mango flavour and not long before you realise a spicy sensation appears.

Wing Zone UK (Grand Opening)

The chicken wings comes in the option as original (with the bones) or boneless. I actually prefered the bonless version which was tender and less messy to eat and it went well with the Honey Q flavour.

As well as chicken wings, Wing Zone also serves beef or chicken burger with the choice of Wing Zone’s signature flavours as mentioned above. To go with all the meat, there are a range of sides and my favourite of the evening were the chips and potato wedges.

Wing Zones has a few tables for those who want to eat in. But they also do takeaway and delivery service. It is the place that you need to visit for a box of chicken wings. Just as if you go to Kentucy Fried Chicken for a bucket of chicken. One is about the disntinct flavour of the batter coating of the chicken and Wing Zones is about their sauces.

Wing Zone UK
4A Clifton Terrace,
Finsbury Park,


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