Ping Pong Westfield London (Launch Party)

Ping Pong has arrived at the Southern Terrace of Westfield London shopping centre in Shepahard Bush. I got the oppotunity to join Ping Pong’s launch party that was hosted by the glamourous Kelly Brooks to find out more about this branch. We all got the opportunity to sample the food, cocktails and their was a full evening of entertainments, including fortune tellers and dancers.

Ping Pong Westfield Shepherd Bush

Ping Pong Westfield Shepherd Bush (Launch Party)

If you are not already familiar of Ping Pong, it is a UK restaurant that has many branches around London. It serves dim sum with a contemporary concept, to give a refresh of traditional dim sum and it does not have to be served with Chinese tea, but it can also been enjoyed with a glass of cocktail.

Dim Sum is known as food you would have at lunch, but in the last few years it has been introduced as an all day food. That is just what Ping Pong does, serving dim sum all day. It also uses a range of ingredients and not just the ones commonly found in dim sum which are prawn and pork. Ping Pong has created a variety of dim sum that can also cater for vegetarian so they can get just as much variety to select and enjoy.

Ping Pong Shepherd Bush (Launch Party)

The Westfield Shepherd Bush branch has an open kitchen in the center of the restaurant, with chairs around the area to allow people to eat and watch dim sum being prepared. The overall restaurant design is contempoary which goes with the concept of the food served at Ping Pong.

Ping Pong Westfield Shepherd Bush

Ping Pong Westfield Shepherd Bush

At the launch party we got to sample Ping Pong’s selection of dim sum served canapés style. It shows that dim sum can make great canapés food with many that you can just pick up and eat in one go with out much mess. That is what I consider as good canapés.

I was surprised by some of the food we tried because the standard was just as good as other Chinese restarant in London, that serves dim sum. Such as the vergetarian puff, which I was impress on the pastry. It would had gone well with roast pork inside which is one of the typical filling you will find and known as the roast pork puff. It is also one you will find served at Ping Pong.

Ping Pong Shepherd Bush (Launch Party)

My favourite of the evening has to be the prawn crackers which I was nibbling away during the night and at the same time trying out the wifi charging that was on the table. If this was one day branded as a packet of crisp you might just see this in my office draw.

Ping Pong Westfield Shepherds Bush (Launch Party)

At the launch party we got the opportunity to have a masterclass in wrapping dumplings by their experience kitchen chef. I have to say it looked harder than it seem and I probably just stick to eating!

Ping Pong Westfield Shepherd Bush (Launch Party)

Ping Pong is also great for their range of cocktails and they have mocktails for those who do not drink alcohol. At the launch party we got to sample a range of cocktails which were all great. However if you are a bit tradition and like your dim sum with tea than Ping Pong does have a variety of tea to select.

Ping Pong Westfield Shepherd Bush

It is an ideal place for a night out with a group of friends and have some dim sum over a glass of cocktail. The location of this branch you can also get a bite here while shopping at Westfield London or visiting the cinema.

Ping Pong (Westfield London in Shepherds Bush)
Westfield London,
Ariel Way,
W12 7SH,
Unit 1209,
Southern Terrace

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