Zelman Meats

The team behind Goodman, Beast and Burger & Lobsters has replace Rex and Mariano with Zelman Meats. The restaurant is to specialise in serving beef and that is what it plan to just serve.

I took the opportunity of the soft launch to try what Zelman Meats will be offering that will hopefully provide them both lunch and dinner customers. There is no menu but just a blackboard of what was on offer for the day. I noticed there was some of Rex and Mariano influence with a range of oyster on the menu and their popular red prawns.

Zelman Meats

We started our meal with the Holy Fuck Rocks (£8.50) which come with three oysters ina portion. I have to sya it is a great name! This was a baked oyster with a hint of the famous Rib Man Holy Fuck sauce, topped with breadcrumbs. This was one of my favourite dish of the evening. The oyster was still moist even baked and a hint of kick from the Holy Fuck made a nice combination.

Zelman Meats

Another starter we tried was the Raw Sicilian Red Prawns (£12). Rex and Mariano previously served this with a choice of raw or cooked. But at Zelman Meats there was no options and after tasted the raw, I actually preferred the cooked red prawns. I found the portion we tried too fishy in flavour and it didn’t feel that fresh.

Zelman Meats

There was three cuts available that evening, Chateaubriand (£9 per 100g), Picanha (£6 per 100g) and BBQ Short ribs (£12 each). Both the Chateaubriand and the Picanha had a minimum order of 200g.

The Chateaubriand was the favourite cut of the evening. This was tender meat and it almost melt in your mouth. It was better than what I had in Hawksmoor and also it is cheaper at Zelman Meats.

Zelman Meats

The Picanha was a more chewy beef which reminded me more of rump steak.

Zelman Meats

The beef short ribs I found was dry but definitely not burnt. It was nice with the BBQ sauce which give it more flavour. There were other sauces such as bearnaise and chimichurri sauce that was availble to order with any of the meat. Each one cost 75p each. My least favourite was the bearnarise which I thought the texture was too thick and better off as a dipping sauce for the chips.

Zelman Meats

Along with the beef we ordered a range of side dishes to try which could not be with out chips.At Zelman Meats a basic versionwas the triple cook chips (£4.50).
Zelman Meats

A posh chips would be the black truffle chips (£8), which I prefered over the triple cook chips. But in terms of price it is expensive as it was chips with a few shave of black truffle.
Zelman Meats

The Portobello mushrooms (£6) comes with three in a portion.
Zelman Meats

The restaurant is meant to be sharing concept, so any cuts of the beef you ordered will be served together and are not individual plated. As it was not highlighted on the menu or explain to us, in different groups on the table we ordered different size of beef and it all came on one plate. We had to go by the advise from the staff that 200g was about 3 slices. I have no issues in sharing and actually prefer to share as you get to try more of a menu. But I feel the staff needs to tell diners in advance that this is how your cuts will be served, as not every one want to share!

Overall, the food was okay with highlights being the baked holy fuck oyster and the Chateaubriand. The price of the steak is cheaper than their big brother Goodman, which should give the opportunity of steak being more accessible to a wider audience as casual dining.

The staff explained that the dishes will change daily and the cuts are not the same. My opinion is that although the icon is about beef, there needs to be a fixed dish even there is no menu; just like Burger & Lobster which they have manage to make it so successful. There needs to be a cut of beef or a beef dish that make them unique and at an affordable price, which you will want to return. A london restaurant that has done this well and a good example of this is Flat Iron.

On the night of the soft launch what I do know is they served good quality of Chateaubriand at a lower price than the top end steak house. I would love to see this stay on the menu and be a cut I would return.

Zelman Meats
2 St Anne’s Court,



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