Crab Tavern

As the name gives it away, Crab Tavern serves crab as the focus of their menu. The restaurant is near Liverpool Street station and is part of the Boardgate Circle family member.

Crab Tavern

Although the restaurant speciality is crab, you will find non-crab dishes such as chicken, steak and fish. This caters diners who prefer other choices than crab. I wanted to stick to what was the focus of the restaurant and that was the crab. Between me and my friends we started with the Crab Tavern Platter (£10 per person, minimum of 2 people).

We ordered the platter for two people and each person gets one of each item, which consisted of crispy soft shell crab, crab tartare on toast, king crab, crab caesar sub. I thought this was nice platter that showcase the different ways that you can serve crab.

Crab Tavern

Following from our sharing appetiser we went on to a sharing main, West Coast Bucket Boil (£35 per person and minimum of two people). The dish contained Crab claws, mussels, lobster, potatoes, sausage and corn on the cob.

It was nice and you have to prepare to get your hands dirty. But for what we got in the pan for £35 per person I thought it was expensive, even though it is seafood. There was loads of potatoes that lined the bottom of the pan and mussels was the main seafood that dominated.
Crab Tavern

However, I felt the West Coast Bucket Boil was better than the Best Legs In Town (£39), which is the King crab legs served hot or cold with a choice of herb mayonnaise or hot garlic butter. I thought this was expensive for three crab legs which was bigger than the usual crab, but each one did not have a lot of meat. It definitely would not be a dish I would re-order.

Crab Tavern

A more resonable priced crab dish on the menu would be the Soft Shell Crab Burger (£15). This was quite a favourite with a few people on our table.

Crab Tavern

There are sides that you could order to go with all the dishes, including fries and salad. Although we probably did not need it, but we wanted to try and ordered the King Crab & Bonito Mash (£8). This was mash with sprinkle of king crab on top.

Crab Tavern

Crab Tavern offers a range of drinks and if there isn’t one on their such as mocktails the bar is happy to create one to suit your taste.

Crab Tavern

I visited Crab Tavern when they were doing a 50% soft launch during Summer of 2015. Although we had half price from the original prices that quoted above, the bill for each person was still expensive. I probably would not return on full price as it was not special enough for me to pay the original price.

(Prices and menu correct at the time of dining)

Crab Tavern
Unit 7,
Broadgate Circle,


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