Muga Ramen Bar

Muga ramen bar is close to Piccadilly Circus station and located around Haymarket which has many theatres, making this a possible choice to have a pre-theatre dinner. It is a casual dining place that is spread over two floors, with bar tables on the main floor.

Muga Ramen Bar

Muga serves a range of drinks on their drinks menu including alcoholic and non-alcoholic. There is a selection of signature cocktails and the menu has a description of what you could expect from each cocktails. I found this useful to help choose which cocktail to order.

I tried the Piscoteque cocktail which was described as “The ultimate summer punch – fruity and fragrant”. It definitely caught that just right, as the cocktail was indeed fruity and fragrant, as well as refreshing.

Muga Ramen Bar

We started off our meal trying some of Muga’s entrée and the first one is the Agedashi Tofu, which is a deep-fried tofu. This was served with tempura sauce, topped with minced radish and ginger. It was beautifully cooked with a light batter on the outside and smooth tofu on the inside. This dish is light in flavour which makes it a nice way to start off a meal.

Muga Ramen Bar

The second entrée we tried was the Yaki-Gyoza which is a grilled chicken dumplings served with a separate dipping sauce. Do not let the look fool you because the dumplings was tasty with a fragrant filling. Inside it was moist with the pastry cooked to have a slight crisp texture on one side and soft on the other side.

Muga Ramen Bar

Ramen comes in a choice of four soup base: Shio, Shoyu, Miso and Tonkotsu. If you like strong flavours than Miso and the Tonkotsu are the soup base for you. We tried the Tonkotsu which is a pork bone broth soup base. This was served with charshu pork, ajitama (Japanese marinated egg), kikuragem takana (sliced black fungus), beni shouga (picked red ginger), spring onion and sesame seeds.

Muga Ramen Bar

If you prefer a lighter base than Shio and Shoyu would be the chose to select. We tried the Shoyu which is a soy sauce soup base. This was served with charshu pork, ajitama (Japanese marinated egg), menma, nori, (seaweed), leek, spring onion and sesame seeds.

Muga Ramen Bar

As well as ramen, Muga also has rice on the menu as a side dish. This is great for those who find that ramen is not always filling for dinner. We tried the mini charshu don and to our surprise this was no mini don compared to other ramen places in London. You could share this between two if you are both having ramen. But of course there will be some of you who can have it all for yourself!

Muga Ramen Bar

A meal is not complete with out dessert and it is great to see a ramen bar with a selection of dessert. We tried the dorayaki with ice cream (right) and the mochi ice cream (left).

The dorayaki with ice cream is served warm with a scoop of ice cream of your choice (sesame, green tea or yuzu). For those who do not know what dorayaki is, this is a pancake with sweet red bean paste filling. It is a traditional Japanese sweet confectionary.

The mochi ice cream is vanilla ice cream wrapped in a soft rice cake and topped with kinako (soybean powder) and Kuromitsu (sugar syrup).

Muga Ramen Bar

It was great pleasure to have the opportunity to be introduced and to dine at Muga. It surprised me how Muga seem to be unknown to many people at the time writing this. The quality of food is comparable to other London ramen restaurant that has been in the spot light more than Muga. This place is worth adding to the list of ramen places to try in London. So if you thought you have tried all the ramen restaurants in London and this is the first time you heard of Muga, then think again!

Muga ramen bar
5 Panton Street,

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