Ceru Resturant (City Pop-Up)

Ceru serves Eastern Mediterranen cusines and have recently opened their winter pop-up restaurant in the city of London, which is expected to be there until Christmas. The winter pop-up is close to Momnenut tube station and is a few minutes walk from Bank.

The pop-up venue has a mixture of bar tables and long sharing tables. It is a casual and colourful place which makes it great for city workers to have lunch or dinner with colleagues or friends.

The menu has a varieties of dishes that are influence from the Levant, which includes places such as Cyprus, Turkey and Israel. The portions have been designed in tapas sizes as it’s meant for sharing. Food is better shared with others, that’s the way to enjoy it.

There is a dip section which goes with either Greek pita bread or cucumbers batons. We had this served with the Greek pita bread which was warm and soft. I found them nice with the dips and was a great start to our meal.

If you are any thing like me and cannot decide which dips, then you could decide to of for the three in one (£5) option. This comes with Pancar (roast beetroot, yoghurt, garlic and pistachio nuts), Fadi (courgette purée, tahini, roast garlic, yoghurt and lemon) and Houmous.

My favourite out of all three dips would had to be the Fadi and I would happily have a plate of that over Houmous. I am not a fan of the taste of beetroot as it always seem to remind me of grass, so the Pancar had to be my least favourite dip.

Ceru on tour (Cannon St)

When I think of mediterrian cuisines, lamb seem to one of the ingredients that will come in mind. So no surprise that the slow roast lamb shoulder with shawarma spices (£9) was a meat dish we had to order.

It would be my recommended dish to order if you visit the pop-up restaurant. The lamb was beautifully cooked with texture that reminded me of pulled pork. As it mentioned shawarma spices on the menu, i imagined a flavour that was really strong but to my surprise it was not at all.

Ceru on tour (Cannon St)

We also tried the seared fillet of sea bream served with oregano and chilli. I find that some seafood can be a hard ingredient to cook to perfection, as it can easily be over-cooked. I like my fish cooked but not over-cooked that it has lost that moist texture. I was not disapointed at all by the sea bream at Ceru, although I would like just slightly a bit more flavour.

Ceru on tour (Cannon St)

To go with the lamb and the fish we tried the tumeric and coriander roast potato (£3.50). It was surprising how some thing as simple as roast potato can be turned in to some thing more interesting. Each one was covered in turmeric which gives it that hint of fragrant. The freshly chopped coriander did not over power the flavour of the potato, instead it was a good compliment.

Ceru on tour (Cannon St)

Unfortunately we did not get to try the desserts on the menu, so I will have to wait for another opportunity to indulge in to the ice crean baklava.

There is a good selection of drinks including freshly squeezed juices, alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails.

Ceru on tour (Cannon St)

Chef Tom Kime, the man behind putting together the dishes at Ceru has done well in combining so many different ingredients to create dishes that work. He will be soon to open a branch in Sydney to bring flavours of Levant over there.

(Prices correct at the time of dining)

Ceru Winter pop up
135 Cannon Street,



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