Hotbox is a casual restaurant located near Spitalfields market that specialise in serving smoked meat. Its definetly the place to go for those who like their ribs and pulled pork.


The menu is not long but enough to give people choice. Some time a short menu can be a good sign as it gives a restaurnt to concentrate on just a few items and provide it at its best.


The smoked dishes is considered as the main and all are severd with house pickles. If you can not decide which one of the smoked meat to choose than you can opt for the Hotbox smoked selection (£21) which comes with all the different meat that Hotbox serves on their menu. The smoked selection will consist of Beef Short Rib, Pork Rib, Chicken Thigh, Hot Link Sausage, Pulled Pork.


If you like your carb than Hotbox also serve the meat as a sandwich.


You will need to get sides separately to go with any of the smoked but this allow you to share across the table. There are various selection of sides to choose and the two of my favourite are the mac & cheese (£6) and the sweet potato fries (£4).


Although Hotbox serves what you could call as “dirty” food, the bill can add up depending what you order. I actully did not feel it is cheap to dine at Hotbox and it is defintely only a place to come once in a while. But don’t get the wrong idea that this is some classy resturant because it not, the place itself is like diner and very casual.

(Prices correct at the time of dining)

46-48 Commercial Street,
E1 6LT,


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