José Pizarro Broadgate

Broadgate Circus (behind Liverpool Street station) has become more exciting as it has been transformed to include a variety of restaurants and with more expecting to open soon. José Pizarro is one of the restaurant who has home his third branch in Broadgate Circus, serving Spanish tapas to city workers in the area.

I got the opportunity to try out the Spanish tapas at José Pizarro Broadgate. It gave me a chance to found out why the phone line was jam by people trying to get a table for the soft launch.

The restaurant is not big which has bar seating as well as table seating. When the weather in London is warmer then it is great to sit outside with a glass of Spanish wine and a few tapas while soaking up the city sun (although we have not really been getting much these days!).

José Pizarro (Broadgate)

We started with the Iberia ham which was nice but would had been better if it came with some bread.

Jos\'e9 Pizarro (Broadgate)

Prawn fritters with saffron aioli & Pizarro’s pimentón (£8.50) was one of my favourite dish we had that evening. It was recommended by a friend and it’s now recommended by me!

José Pizarro (Broadgate)

We were slightly surprise by the mussels which was mussels that tasted like sardine. Speaking to the staff and José, it is special as it different to how we would normally cook mussels, as it is preserved in a tin to give it the texture and flavour.

José Pizarro (Broadgate)

Ibérico pork meatballs in tomato & orange sauce (£8), I was first sceptic on how this would taste because it mentioned “orange” as part of the sauce. But I was surprised that you could hardly taste the orange sauce and if it was not written on the menu, I would not have noticed that the sauce contained orange.

José Pizarro (Broadgate)

Pan fried hake with claims & peas (£17) was well cook. The clams and peas was a good combination with the hake. This was a decent size to share becasue it was like a main size.
José Pizarro (Broadgate)

Grilled octopus with baby potatoes, JP pimentón & Arbequina olive oil (£10) was nice and soft.
José Pizarro (Broadgate)

As well as the prawn fritters I do recommend the Presa Ibérico with fried peppers & roasted Jersey Royals at José Pizarro. Don’t be fool by what you see because this is is pork, although it looked and tasted like beef. The meat literally almost melt in your mouth that it can compete with Wagyu beef.

The dish is sold at £13.50 per 100g and there are only limited amount of each size. Once gone it is gone for that day. There were no smaller size when we were there so opted for the smallest portion they had, which was around 700g to share between four people.

José Pizarro (Broadgate)

After indulging over the melt in your mouth pork, we finished the meal with sharing two desserts.

Chocolate with olive oil & salt, on toast (£6) was weird to me but some how it actually work. This was a creamy dark chocolate pot sprinkled with salt and drizze with olive oil. You have a smooth oily texture from the chocolate and olive oil. The taste is like bitter chocolate with the salt giving a crunchy and salty flavour.

José Pizarro (Broadgate)

If you feel less adventurous then the Almond Cake (£6) is another option on the menu.

José Pizarro (Broadgate)

I really enjoyed my evening at José Pizarro Broadgate from the food, service from staff and José himself. Before, I end this blog post, there is a question that I get asked – how does it compare with Barrifina. For those who have not heard of Barrifina then it is one of London well known tapas bar for good quality Spanish tapas.

The comparison with Barrifina is hard, becasue they are both good in different ways. José Pizarro has its own speciality such as the Presa Ibérico. The menu for both are different since I find that Barrifina serves a lot of classic such as the Spanish omelette and lot more seafood.

I will let you all decide youself and you can share your view by leaving me a comment.

(Prices correct at the time of dining)

José Pizarro Broadgate
36 Broadgate Circle,

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