Rex & Mariano

Update (October 2015): Rex & Mariano is now closed and looking for new home. You can get the latest update on twitter @RexandMariano

I had the recent task of trying to book a table at a restaurant that serves seafood, reasonable priced, taste good and can cater for large group. My mind just went blank! Where in London could satisfy all these criteria?

Lucky a fellow food blogger suggested Rex & Mariano. After scanning through the menu and taking a short visit to enquire about booking, it was seafood evening at Rex & Mariano! The restaurant is a casual dining place in London Soho, that serves seafood either grilled or in different raw forms. All dishes are created to be shared and the size for most of the dishes are slightly larger than tapas.

Rex & Mariano is opened by the the Goodmen group, who also brought us the popular Burger and a Lobster. But for some reason Rex & Mariano seem to be a hidden seafood gem compared to Burger and Lobster.

One of the highlight dining at Rex & Mariano is you place the order through an iPad. So with the reduce service, you can enjoy just 5% service charge here. Of course you can top this with additional tips.

The iPad will tell you when you have ordered too much. There’s a reason for this, because food arrives quite quick. So take the advise to not order too much all at once or you find your table covered in food and you won’t know where to start. You can always add more later.

Rex & Mariano

The oysters at Rex & Mariano has to be one of the best I have had in London. We ordered the Rock Oyster (£1.75 each) which surprised so many of us how fresh it tasted but it did not had that strong fishy taste. It was such an easy oyster to eat.

We did not try the Native Oyster which is slight more expensive, costing £3 each, so unable to comment if this had the same easy taste as the Rock Oyster.

Rex & Mariano - Rock Oyster

House Carpaccio (£12) comes with selection of three carpaccio – tuna, salmon and seabass. This was one of my favourite raw dish of the evening.

Rex & Mariano - House Carpaccio

Lobster ceviche (£12) was refreshing but I thought money was better spent on the House Carpaccio instead.

Rex & Mariano - Lobster Ceviche

Tuna tartare (£8) was nice and had a sesame oil flavour, but it did not feel oily. Many of my friends on the table really liked this raw dish and felt it was their favourite of the evening.

Rex & Mariano - Tuna tartare

As well as a selection of raw dishes, there are also a selection of seafood from the grill. One of my favourite has to be the red prawns which is either served raw or cooked to your choice. We opted it to be cooked and they were some juicy prawns.

Rex & Mariano - Red Prawns

We ordered both the grilled tuna and swordfish (£14 each) but I actually prefer the whole grilled sole (£12) instead. They all tasted nice in its own way but as a fish steak, both the tuna and swordfish had a meaty steak texture. For me, I prefer the smooth and silkness of a fish.

Rex & Mariano - Grilled Tuna

Rex & Mariano - Grilled Sole

I thought the clams and the mussels was not the highlight of the evening. Both were lightly season which still allow us to enjoy the flavour of the clams and mussels itself.

Rex & Mariano - Clams

The crab cake were beautiful made, where you could see and taste the crab meat.

Rex & Mariano - Crab cake

There are a small selection of sides that can be order with all the seafood. I preferred the fried courgette over the triple cooked chips, as it was different. But I like the crispy coating and the soft courgette center.

Rex & Mariano

Rex & Mariano

The restaurant is spacious and there are basins to clean messy hands after enjoying the tasty seafoods. It’s a nice place to enjoy with others since food you will want to share here.

So, if you looking for a place to eat seafood in London that is affordable then consider Rex & Mariano.

Rex & Mariano
2 St Annes Court,


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