Go Sing Chinese Restaurant (West Drayton)

Every part of London there is some thing to satisfy their locals. This post I am going slightly away from Central London to West London, where there is a town called West Drayton. There you will find Go Sing Chinese restaurant which is popular amongst many of the Chinese locals for a dim sum lunch.

Go Sing Chinese Restaurant

The restaurant is fairly big and make it great for groups as there are some large table. It’s what Chinese dining out is about, gathering to enjoy sharing of food and each other accompany. I would not say the interior decor is modern or very out dated that it need renovation. It was more of that feeling “I know I’m in a Chinese restaurant”.

Go Sing Chinese Restaurant

Dim Sum is ordered by marking on the sheet and then is handed to a staff. Unfortunately, I can’t remember if there was an English version of the dim sum menu. I am sure staff there will be happy to translate if there was not one.

Go Sing Chinese Restaurant

We ordered a mixture of dim sum including Chinese style steamed sponge cake (雞油馬拉糕 £2.80)

Go Sing Chinese Restaurant

Yolk buns (香滑流沙飽 £3) is one of my favourite buns and they have to be enjoyed hot. There are not many places in London that serve this bun.

Go Sing Chinese Restaurant

I thought they were nice yolk buns which had that slightly sandy texture center.

Go Sing Chinese Restaurant

The egg tarts (酥皮雞蛋撻 £2.80) were made out of the traditional flakey pastry, which I considered always nicer then the butter pastry.

Go Sing Chinese Restaurant

Chinese sausage and chicken rice (臘腸滑雞飯 £6.50). 

This was not the only savoury dim sum we ordered. I just did not get the chance to take individual photos of them. But we did also get dim sum such as Siu Mai (蟹黃蒸燒賣 £3), Black Bean Spare Rib (鼔汁蒸排 £3), Scallops dumplings (碧綠帶子餃 £4)…..etc.

Go Sing Chinese Restaurant

Osmanthus jelly (桂花糕 £2.80) was my least favourite of all the dim sum. I found it touch too sweet and it was missing the fragrant of osmanthus in the taste.

Go Sing Chinese Restaurant

There is a lunch rice and noodle menu. We tried the handmade cuttlefish ball noodle (手打墨魚丸湯麵 £8.50). It was a nice bowl of noodle to satisfy my brunch taste buds, but the cuttlefish balls was missing that bouncy chewy texture you expect from fish balls.

Go Sing Chinese Restaurant

Overall the dim sum was just as good or even better than resturants in London Chinatown. If you are not in the area then you might not want to travel all the way to West Drayton. But if you are in the area then you just might want to consider having dim sum at Go Sing.

(Prices correct at the time of dining)

Go Sing Chinese Restaurant
22-24 Station Road,
West Drayton,



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