The Breakfast Club (Canary Wharf)

After my last post about Stick’n’Sushi new branch at Crossrail Place, I am going to continue with another new resident in Canary Whary, The Breakfast Club.

Some of you might already have heard about or have visited The Breakfast Club, which already has many branches around London. As you guess from its name the restaurant specialise in breakfast.

I have been meaning to try the place but hearing the word “queues” makes me think twice. I do queue and will do, but queueing in the morning for breakfast just does not appeal to me. However, when I heard soft launch and table booking was available then that added a smile to my face.

When I found out about the launch all the brunch slots was gone, so I opted for dinner. Yes, its breakfast for dinner! The breakfast menu is actually much smaller in the evening and instead it focus on sandwiches and burgers. Thats a shame because in my view the breakfast is better then their burgers as you will found out next.

Lets start trying the buffalo chicken wings which was served with a few sticks of celery and some spinach, along with blue cheese dressing. It was okay but nothing special to say woah!

Breakfast Club (Canary Wharf)

The cow vs pig burger was so disappointing that I could have sent it back. The beef patty was so dry and totally cooked to more than what we had requested. The BBQ pulled pork that sat on top of the beef patty was not shredded and tender enough. This was one dehydrated cow and pig!

Breakfast Club (Canary Wharf)

The All Americans is one of the breakfast that comes with pancakes, eggs, sausage, home-style fried potatoes, streaky bacon and maple syrup. The eggs is cooked to your choice and I went for poached to be healthy. But a sunny fried egg probably would had been more photogenic.

The sausage had a nice texture and was flavourable. I probably would say this was the best item on the plate. The unwanted items was to my surprise not the bacon which is a food I dislike, it was actually the fried potatoes.

The pancake was best served with the maple syrup and went well with all the items on the plate. Some felt the pancakes was floury but I did not find this was the case.

Breakfast Club (Canary Wharf)

For some morning sunshine in the evening then the Late Late Breakfast might be a choice. This breakfast comes with three sunny fried eggs along with a sausage, bacon, mushroom, tomato, toast and black pudding.

Breakfast Club (Canary Wharf)

It was a disappointing evening, not just food but the service was slow. It took a while before our pitchers of smoothies arrived at our table. They were not the best smoothiest to say it was worth the wait.

I hope the restaurant iron out their front and back of house services, as well as their burgers. My first impression is that they probably better sticking to serving breakfast.

The Breakfast Club (Canary Wharf)
Unit CR30,
Level Zero,
1 Crossrail Place,
E14 5AR


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