M Restaurants

This post Is slightly different to my usual food review post. Instead I want to share with you all, a magnificent venue in the city of London called M. The space of this venue is big, which lives two resturants in one. You actually don’t realise it is two restaurants as it is one big space.

M Restaurant

M RAW serves dishes with Japanese inspiration, whereas M GRILL specialise in steak of various cuts around the world (including Kobe and Wagyu).

M Restaurant

Overlooking the resturants, is M BAR where you can chill and enjoy drinks from the bar or at the self service wine bar with a M Wine card. All you do is credit the M Wine card and then head over to the wine machine to grab a glass and fill it with wine from the choices on display. There are three sizes to choose, so you can go through them and have a tasting wine evening. The range of wine changes often, which will keep regulars from getting bored.

M Restaurant

M Restaurant

M Restaurant

There are private rooms that can be book or hire. Each one are as grand as the restaurant itself. The M DEN is a secret playroom, where it is home to a football table, PlayStation, TV and sound system to hook your phone to and lockers for your bottle (yes you read it correctly, lockers for the finest wine or whisky M will have for sale). 

The whole place and not just M DEN feels more like a house then a restaurant. That was suppose to be the intention of the interior design to give people the warmth and grand feel of a home (although I have never been in a Mayfair appartment to be able to really compare).

As it was a canapés evening which showcase both M RAW and M GRILL, I can not really comment on the food as if I were to dine at the resturant. But I will say that the quality of the steaks I sampled were good.

M Restaurant

It was a wonderful opportunity to visit M and be able to try the Jonnie Walker gold photo booth and a Don Julio cocktail (lemon juice, map,e agave syrup, ginger and hibiscus tea, orange juice and ginger) from the world’s 1st piece of drinkable art.

M Restaurant

M Restaurant

It will be a drinking venue that I will consider and return for more tasting glasses of wine.

M Restaurant

M Restaurants
2 & 3 Threadneedle Walk,
60 Threadneedle Street,



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