On The Bab (Covent Garden)

On The Bab recently opened their second branch in Covent Garden, brining their version of Korean street food closer to the heart of London.

On The Bab (Covent Garden)

The first dish we tried was the Yangyum chicken which comes in three different portion size – small (£5.50), medium (£11.90) and large (£21.90). We ordered a small portion of these sweet, sticky and crispy chicken.

On The Bab (Covent Garden)

The quail egg and bacon egg muffin was my favourite of the evening. This is a Korean version of a muffin which I could have for breakfast or as a snack.

On The Bab (Covent Garden)

The Pa Jeon (£4.90) looked good but it was not as nice as those at other Korean restaurant in London.

On The Bab (Covent Garden)

Korimari (£9.50) consisted of 6 mini rice rolls with Korean style anchovy, sweet and chilli radish and cabbabge salad, with a choice of meat. The way to eat this dish is combining different components together and not separate. This was like a decomposed gimbap.

On The Bab (Covent Garden)

Bibimbab (£9.50) is served with a choice of meat which we selected the bulgogi beef. I do recommend to add the sweet chilli sauce and mix all the ingredients together, otherwise you will find this dish bland. I would had prefer it to be warmer but then this is a good alternative to the sizzling version for the warmer season.

On The Bab (Covent Garden)

On The Bab serves Korean version of the soft fluffy white bun with a choice of fillings (bulgogi beef, spicy pork, spicy chicken, fried chicken or mixed veg). We tried the Spicy Pork bun (£7) and although it was messy to eat, this was another nice dish. The only con was that I would had prefer the bun to be hot then barley warm.

On The Bab (Covent Garden)

Since the concept of On The Bab is a place to drink and eat, it can not be with out a range of drinks. You will find beers, shots, wine, alchoholic and non-alchoholic cocktails. There are also soft drinks including coke and juices.

I ordered one of the Korean soft drink, rice punch which is served in a Mason jar look alike. Even a simple hot tea came in a tin cup with a lid. It reminded me of Jamie Oliver’s rustic approach to serving food.

On The Bab (Covent Garden)

Although I would not say all the dished we tried that evening was outstanding, but I do love the concept. It’s casual and rustic which makes it a great place to catch up with friend. I intend to return to try the other dishes and also to have more of the muffin.

On The Bab (Covent Garden)

On the Bab (Covent Garden)
6 Wellington Street,
Covent Garden,



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