It was sad when Alisan closed its doors as they produced good quality dim sum and I thought they were one of London best restaurant for xiao long bao. Even Leong’s Legend has to stand one side, who used to be popular for their xiao long bao, but a visit to Leong’s Legend last year was disappointing. Recently news drifted to me that the staff who used to work at Alisan has returned and now at Shikumen.

Shikumen (Shepherds Bush)

There are two branches, one in Ealing at the Xanadu hotel and the other at Shepherd’s Bush in the Dorsett hotel. I have visited both branches for dim sum and both serves good food. Although, I feel the decoration is better at Shpehard Bush, since it has that oriental touch but in a modern way.

Shikumen (Shepherds Bush)

Shikumen (Shepherds Bush)

Both branches are close to a shopping centre, with the Shepherd’s Bush branch located less than 5 minutes from London Westfield (nearest exit from Debenham).

The dim sum menu very similar to Alisan, but my first visit was the question, “Is it just as good as what Alisan once served?”

Shanghai xiao long bao (上海小籠包) is in no doubt to me is just as good when I used to have it at Alisan and totally better than Leong Legend. We were served thin pastry with each dumpling filled with piping hot soup.

Shikumen (Shepherds Bush)

The pork and prawn siu mai (干蒸虾烧賣) is also just like Alisan, where you can taste the fragrant of shiitake mushroom. You know it is the dried shiitake mushroom and not the ones from a can.

Shikumen (Shepherds Bush)

Spinach and Prawn Dumpling (碧绿菠菜饺)

Shikumen (Shepherds Bush)

Tianjian Goubuli Bun has a fancy name but it is the pan-fried pork and vegetable bun, which you see on many dim sum menu. This is nicely cooked, that had a combination of a slight crispy and soft fuffy bun texture.

Shikumen (Shepherds Bush)

The Roasted Duck Pumpkin Puff (火鸭金瓜酥) was cripsy outside with the inside filled with mince roasted duck. This is one for those who like their deep-fried food.

Shikumen (Shepherds Bush)

Golden Seafood Roll (千絲海鮮卷) is one of my favourite which comes served with a mango sauce. They also do a similar one with just vegetable which has a fancy name – Sweet Potato Mushroom Mei- Si Roll (千絲美人腿). But in terms of combination of flavour than the golden seafood roll get a big thumb up from me.

Shikumen (Shepherds Bush)

Dessert I don’t recommend the green tea souffle as this was nothing like the souffle you will find at a French restaurant. I ordered one and was served a green tea flavoured ice cream cake. Nice presentation but nothing to what I expected.

Shikumen (Shepherds Bush)

The green tea pudding is what is known as a green tea creme brulee, which reminded me of what I previously had at Grand Imperial London. I would say this would be a safer option than the green tea souffle.

Shikumen (Shepherds Bush)

At the Ealing branch I also tried Shikumen’s Baked Venison Puff (松子鹿肉酥).

Shikumen (Ealing)

Scallop Shui Mai Top with Tobiko (帶子醸烧賣)

Shikumen (Ealing)

The one dim sum I did not try at either branch is the Taro Prawn Cake (花枝荔芋蝦), which was one of the dim sum I could only have at Alisan. So I need to find another opportunity to go to Shikumen for dim sum.

The only disadvantage with both branch is that it’s not friendly to car users. There are no free parking that I know off close to the restaurant, since both shopping centre cost to park. But one good thing is you can park at the shopping centre, have lunch and do some shopping.

The dim sum are either £3.20 or over for a portion,with cheung fun over £4. It’s probably slight more expensive than China Town but similar to places like Royal China, Bright Courtyard or Princess Garden.

Shikumen (Ealing)
Xanadu Hotel,
26 – 42 Bond Street,
W5 5AA

Shikumen (Shephard’s Bush)
Dorsett Hotel,
58 Shepherd’s Bush Green,
W12 8QE

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