Chotto Matte

This year I decided to celebrate my birthday at Chotto Matte which is a restaurant in London Soho that serves Nikkei cuisine (combination of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine). It was a restaurant that I wanted to go for my birthday last year but Roka won me over instead, with their beautiful dessert platter.

Chotto Matte

The dishes at Chotto Matte are all small tapas portion which are made for sharing. We ordered various of dishes to share from the different section of the menu, including sushi, barbecue, saute and tempura.

We started off with the Seabass ceviche (£8.50) which consisted of seabass sashimi, sweet potato, Peruvian corn, coriander, chive oil and citrus sauce. This was one of my favourite dish which had a refreshing flavour and was a good appetizer to start a meal.

Chotto Matte

Another refreshing and tangy dish we had were the tuna and yellowtail (£8.50) served with onion, ginger, shiso, tomatoes, blackberry salsa. I probably would had liked some tortilla to accompany this dish and we had a lot of salsa left that we could had scooped clean with crispy tortilla.

Chotto Matte

From the sushi kitchen we tried the soft shell crab maki roll (£11.75).
Chotto Matte

Along with two other sushi dishes that had the highlight of it being flamed at the table.

Aburi (£10.50) comes with four different nigiri: Tuna yuzu, aubergine miso, turbot and salmon. Many of us felt this could have been flamed a bit longer to give it a seared texture.

Chotto Matte

Sato maki (£10.50) is a combination of seabass, salmon and romano pepper with lime soy

Chotto Matte

We also ordered some dishes from the barbecue section, including the Tentaculos de pulpo (£14.50) that consisted of octopus with yuzu and purple potato. Chotto Matte

Lomo a la parrilla (£20.29) was sliced beef fillet served with spicy teriyaki and pomegranate salsa. I found this dish was not worth the price tag of £20.29 and I would probably not re-order if I revisit. As you can see from the photo below it was only a few slices of beef and overall I did not felt it was a dish that I could find its woah factor.

However, one barbecue dish that did impress me on the table was the Barriguita de chanchito (£12.25), which was pork belly. We thought the texture and the flavour made this dish a winner for most of us. Unfortunately, I was too busy munching through all the dishes that I forgot to capture a photo to share with you all.

Chotto Matte

Chotto Matte also have a few tempura dishes and we tried their Vegetales Japoneses (£7.95) which is simply a vegetable tempura. This for us was the least adventurous of all the dishes we ordered but was nicely cooked.

Chotto Matte

Chotto Matte is a great place for a cocktail because you will be spoilt with choice as there is a large range of cocktail on their menu. I tried the Flor de Manzana (£9.50) from their anti-depressant cocktail which is described as cocktail with personality. I thought I made a great choice because it was a cocktail for me, which combined Finlandia Mango vodka, Akashi Tai sake, passionfruit, Bottlegreen elderflower, lime and apple.

Chotto Matte

You can visit Chotto Matte for just a drink and order some of their tostditas for a light bite. There are varieties of different toppings that can be served with the corn tortilla.

Chotto Matte

A meal is usually never complete with out dessert but I could have pass on the dessert at Chotto Matte. Instead I would had prefer my Strawberry Gateaux cake from Patisseri Valerie, which I was allowed to blow out but not allowed to eat at the restaurant. No surprise to me, as many restaurants in London have this policy, so it is always advisable to check beforehand to avoid disappointment on the day.

Patisserie Valerie Strawberry Gateau

The dessert was not bad at Chotto Matte but it just did not have that woah factor that I had at Roka.

The salted caramel chocolate fondant (£8) got too sweet for me and I was glad to be sharing.

Chotto Matte

The most interesting one in terms of its presentation was the Peruvian Chocolate Pot (£7.95) which consisted of mixture of honeycomb, dulce de leche and Suntory whisky. This was a little pot filled with an interesting chocolate sauce mixture.

Chotto Matte

The service at Chotto Matte was slow, for both back and front of house. Also, we found at the end of our bill that the waiter had put on four bottles of water with out us knowing. We did order a bottle of still water to start the evening and the waiter would pour it for us during our meal. But it would had been courtesy for the waiter to have asked if we would had wanted another bottle of water each time it was finished. We could have then decided on having tap water for those who wanted it or none at all because our cocktail had arrived.

Overall, I thought the dishes we had were better than Sushisamba and Roka which serves dishes with a similar concept. But as mentioned above the desserts at Roka I found was more impressive.

I would consider Chotto Matte as an expensive place to have dinner, since between 8 people it cost us around £50 per person (including service charge). It would only be a place I would come for just a cocktail or light bites. If it is for dinner then I would wait to visit Chotto Matte for a special occasion.

(Prices correct at the time of dining)

Chotto Matte
11-13 Frith Street,

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