Cutter and Squidge (Soho Pop-Up Shop)

Update (October 2015): Cutter and Squidge has now moved to a new permanent store and cafe at (20 Brewer Street, Soho, London, W1F 0SJ).

Just by chance after dinner this weekend we discovered Cutter & Squidge, which is set up by two sisters. They have recently opened a pop-up store in London Soho which will be around for a few months. If you have not heard of Cutter & Squidge then you are probably wondering what yummy delights you will find here. Cutter & Squidge are known for their biskie which is like a sandwiched biscuit/cookie filled with a variety of fillings such as cream or jams etc…

Cutter & Squidge (Soho pop-up store)

The biskie can be brought indivdually or in a box with your choice of flavours. We brought a box of eight and choice variety of different flavours, including ‘We Bake a Well Tart’, ‘OMG it’s Green’, ‘Red Velvet Trousers’ and my favourite ‘The Billionaire’.

You might think that they look like Whopper Pie but the texture is more of a cookie than a cake. They make great dessert or tea time treats. Each one are beautifully presented that they also make great gifts.

Cutter & Squidge (Soho pop-up store)

The pop-up store is simple in design which has a few tables and chairs like a cafe where you enjoy the biskie along with a range of drinks on the menu. There are hot drinks such as coffee, hot chocolate and variety of teas, as well as their signature iced drinks such as ‘Revive’ which consisted of green tea and lychee. This was a pretty drink which I could imagine having on a beautiful beach some where in Thailand.

Cutter & Squidge (Soho pop-up store)

For more information, please visit Cutter and Squidge’s website. The link can be found below.

Cutter and Squidge (Soho Pop-Up Shop)
4 Brewer street,
W1F 0SB,
London, UK


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