If you are a fan of chops (beef, pork or lamb) then keep reading, because Soho has a new restaurant in town and it is called Blacklock. The restaurant serves chops and lots of them! The chops are cooked over charcoal with a help of an old iron.

Blacklock Soho

The skinny chops can be ordered as an individual portion for £4 each or in a stack. If you are dining in a group and want to try a bit of every thing in he menu, then the All In for £20 per person might be a better choice.

The All In includes crisps as an appetiser to begin the meal. There is a choice of flavours (Cheese and Pickles, Filthy Ham, Egg and Anchovy). You might think these are the crisps that we all will know, but it is actually like cracker with the choice of different toppings – like canapés. We got the opportunity to try all three flavours and each one has their own unique flavours. The crisps are very light which made it suited as an appetisers, however if it did not come with the platter then I doubt I want to spend £3 for the crisps.

Blacklock Soho

After the crisps, the main stars appears where we got a range of chops piled on charcoal grilled flat bread. The All In comes with a choice of side and as we ordered three All In, we selected three different sides to try.

– The 10 hour ash roasted sweet potato, had to be my favorite of all the sides. This was soft sweet potato with a weird ash top.

– Charred courgettes, chicory and Stilton, I thought the cheese was too strong for me and preferred to have it left out.

– Heritage carrots and meat radish was a nice appetizing side dish as it has a vinegary flavor.

Blacklock Soho

Blacklock Soho

The favorite chops that evening had to be the lamb and pork chops, as both was nicely cooked. It was probably the least fatty chops of the evening. The beef short ribs is served pink but I thought it was too rare for me to chew and this cut I would had preferred it at least to be medium.

The belly pork was my least favorite as it was too fatty and I preferred it to be well done. Instead of serving belly pork as one big thick piece I suggest that it is better served in thinner slices. In my personal view, the
thicker slices are better braised.

Blacklock Soho

Drinks selection was not large especially non-alcoholic, unless the normal soft drinks were off the menu and I did not know. There are a small selection of cocktails for a fiver and we tried the Nettle Gimlet. If you prefer a light cocktail this is definitely not the one.

The only off the booze drink listed on the menu is the fresh nettle lemonade. This was slightly fizzy that tasted like lemon juice.

Blacklock Soho

Overall I do like the concept of serving a range of chops and I understand the cuts can vary each day. Blacklock is located in a basement shop and the place has a casual rustic feel that you find popular in many new restaurants in London.

Blacklock Soho

25 Great Windmill Street,
London W1D


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