Shimogamo is one of many Japanese restaurants along Parkway in Camden Town. As like lots of Japanese restaurant there is not many seating and I do recommend to book a table.

We had a complimentary appetiser which was a nice way to start our meal and some thing to have while we waited for our food to arrive.


Shimogamo offers a selection of simple sashimi and sushi that are available on the menu.


If like me, who prefer some thing slightly more filling then sushi, Shimogamo has a selection of sashimi donburi. I had the Salmon sashimi and salmon roe donburi (£10) – rice topped with salmon sashimi and salmon roe.


For a larger variety of sashimi then there is the Seafood donburi (£16) – rice topped with assorted sashimi


If you prefer a warm dishes then there are cooked dishes, including grilled eel donburi (£17) – rice topped with grilled eel with a sweet sauce


Whether it is a hot or cold donburi, each one is beautifully presented like a piece of artwork.

We also ordered from the special menu, a Beef steak touban yak with garlic sauce. This is served on a mini grill where you can watch the beef sizzling away.


We finished our meal by sharing the dessert platters as well as a scoop of Sesame ice cream.


The quality of food at Shimogamo is good and it would be a place that I would visit again. The prices is reasonable but not a low budget restaurant.

108 Parkway,


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