Min Jiang

Min Jiang is part of Royal Garden Hotel which is situated close to High Street Kensington and has a beautiful view looking over Kensington Garden. To get the most of the view, it is best to visit the Min Jiang during the day. Therefore making this a nice place for lunch or even dinner during the Summer when the sun is out longer.

Min Jiang

Min Jiang

The restaurant is known for their Beijing Duck and you have to pre-order it in advance. There are two size you can choose – whole or half. We pre-ordered a whole duck (£58) which comes in two serving.

Min Jiang

The first serving comes in two parts, with one part being the finely cut duck skin which you dip in sugar. I found the duck skin fatty in taste and does not compare with what I have had in Singapore at Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck, where they also have a smiliar serving.

Min Jiang

The second part is the duck meat that is wrapped in pancakes, hoi sin sauce and vegetable. Alternatively you can wrap the duck meat with garlic paste and a selection of pickled vegetable.

Min Jiang

Min Jiang

The second serving we had the option to choose how we wanted the rest of the duck to be cooked. We opted for option 4 which we felt was more suitable for lunch.

– Option 1 Minced Duck with Lettuce wrap
– Option 2 Salted Vegetable Soup with Duck and Tofu
– Option 3 Fried Rice with diced Duck
– Option 4 Fried Noodles with sliced Duck

Min Jiang

Along with the Beijing duck we also ordered some dim sum, but found it was average for London, especially for the price as each dim sum cost over £4.

Min Jiang

Min Jiang

I was most disappointed with the Shanghai dumplings as the pastry was thicker then I expected. But I think I had a high expectation of getting Shanghai dumpling as good as in Asia.

Min Jiang

Overall the restaurant has a beautiful view but unfortunately it does not compare with Hutong The Shard for quality of dim sum and duck.

Min Jiang
Royal Garden Hotel,
2-14 Kensington High Street,
W8 4PT,



3 thoughts on “Min Jiang

  1. We went in around 2009 and found the dim sum really excellent.

    However a recent visit in September 2014, the food was really disappointing and I would say worse than average for London (especially with such a high price!)

    Looking forward to more dim sum reviews in the future, always looking for a new place to go to.

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