Pitt Cue Co. London

Pitt Cue has been one of those places I hear a lot and wanted to go for a while, but never was brave enough to wait in the queue with the no reservation policy. Not only is it a no reservation policy but you can not add your name to the waiting list unless they see every one has arrived. Also you have to wait at the restaurant or you will be crossed off the waiting. Hearing the policy, it does put you off on whether it is worth the wait. But there are people who will wait and one evening, one of them was me!

The restaurant is small with a few seats upstrairs which is also the bar area. The main dining area is downstairs which probabaly only has around 16 seats. No wonder there is such a queue! If you enjoy having a few drinks then a few hours waiting for a table might not just feel that long.

On a Friday evening we waited around 2 hours for a table of 3 people. It was defintely a sign of relief when we got a table because we were really thinking on looking else where for food. So after such a wait was it really worth it?

We started off with sharing a portion of the Caramel Ribs (£8.50). They were soft meaty ribs in a tasty tangy sauce.

Pitt Cue Co. London

Each of the main is included with one side of your choice. But overall the portion at Pitt Cue are not big, so not for those who have a hungry belly.

I went for Pitt Cue best known dish, Pulled Pork (£11.50) and selected the bone marrow mash. The pulled pork was definitely one of the best I have had in London. The mash was nice but I was not fond of the lard kind of fat that came with it,

Pitt Cue Co. London

If mash is not for you there are other sides to select or order, including veggies. You need some with these meat!

Pitt Cue Co. London

There are lots of other meaty dishes as well as pulled pork, including daily special. But for some dishes be prepare for fatty meat which is not for every one.

Pitt Cue Co. London

Pitt Cue Co. London

I think there is no better way to wash all that meat with a root beer and they do one in a cool can which is labelled “Dad’s Old Fashined Root Beer”. The packaging looks like some thing out of a comic book.

Pitt Cue Co. London

The pulled pork was defintelly good, but I’m not sure I would go again to queue for two hours.

Pitt Cue Co. London
1 Newburgh Street,

(Around Carnaby Street area)



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