Pudding Bar

Pudding Bar is located in London Soho and it serve one course – dessert. The place is like a rustic coffee shop which is spread over two floors of seatings. The menu is simple with a variety of dessert to choose and each one is beautifully presented.

The Banoffee Delight (£8) is a banana and caramel mousse sandwich between crushed shortbreads, served with caramelised bananas and a scoop of white chocolate ice cream. It was a nice collated dessert but I was not a fan of the unripe banana flavour.

Pudding Bar

If you are looking for a light dessert then the panna cotta (£6) could be a good option. We had the buttermilk panna cotta served with raspberry sorbet.

Pudding Bar

The dessert that I considered to be filling is the Apple and Maple Syrup Baked Alaska (£7). It was made up of an apple cake covered in a meringue and served with drizzle of maple syrup.

Pudding Bar

The S’more Cheesecake (£8) is a milk chocolate cheesecake on a ginger nut biscuit base served with peanut butter ice cream. It was nice dessert but I found it got too sweet for me.

Pudding Bar

The Pudding Bar is a nice concept and it fill a gap in the London restaurant market. If up you are looking for a place in London to have dessert then consider Pudding Bar.

Pudding Bar
26 Greek Street



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