Bunny chow lands in London introducing a new way of serving bread, as if it was a bowl. Making it an eatable bowl! A little loaf of bread is shaped in a round bowl which is filled with one of the choice of fillings on the menu.

As there was two days free trial this week to celebrate the launch of Bunnychow, I decided it was an good opportunity to visit and try. The restaurant is situated on Wardour Street in London Soho. It is more of a takeaway shop with a few tables and seats for those who prefer not to take their bunny home or back to the office.

I ordered a takeaway and selected the bunny chowder. It consisted of smoked haddock, potatoes, sweetcorn in a creamy sauce. The little loaf bread is filled and put in to a box that fitted the bread perfectly. Then the staff put on the little bread lid and the box is sealed.


I took my Bunny home to have for lunch the following day. I put it in the oven and covered it in foil to reheat for a few minutes, until the filling was hot. But do not leave it in the oven too long or the bread will be hard. From the semi-soft bread I brought back, I got a beautiful crusty bread which had a baguette texture.

The filling was slightly spicy with a hint of chilli powder in the chowder. The combination of the bunny chowder went well with bread. Although it look small it was surprisingly filling. It was messy to eat but that is where the wet tissue that was supplied became useful. Messy but a delicious lunch.


Bunny chow originated from South Africa, which the concept reminds me of what I have seen in Asia. Japanese and Taiwanese cuisines using bread as an eatable bowl or thick slices for savoury or sweet dishes. Will it take off in London which has become a city blooming with food from around the world. Who knows, let’s watch this space! In the meantime, why not go to Bunnychow to try out one of their bunny. They even serve breakfast version in the morning, so you can enjoy a bunny any time of the day.

74 Wardour Street



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