Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck – Singapore

If you want good quality Peking duck then you have to visit Super Peking Duck in Singapore. Good food means it will be popular, so it is recommended to book in advance, including the Peking duck.


The Peking duck is served three ways, starting with the crispy duck skin that you dip in sugar. The duck skin is crispy with hardly any noticeable fat.

Imperial Treasure Super Duck

The second serving is wrapping the duck meat in pancake, with vegetable (cucumber and spring onion) and hoi sin sauce. Then the third and final serving you get the option on various choices on how you want to cook the rest of the duck meat. For additional charge we had the remaining duck meat fried in noodle.

Imperial Treasure Super Duck

As well as the Peking duck that evening, another dish that was also a favourite of mine would be the Scallops with Egg White in Truffle Oil.


After visiting Super Peking Duck we shortly visited Hong Kong Peking Garden which is supposed to be Hong Kong best place for Peking duck. However, it was disappointing including the service. Even Hutong At The Shard was better then Hong Kong Peking Garden.

Imperial Treasure Super Duck
Paragon, #05-42/45
290 Orchard Road


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