Ibuki Sushi

Ibuki is a Japanese restaurant located in the Maida Vale, which serves a mixture of traditional and contemporary Japanese food. Sushi is what you would come to eat at Ibuki and if you do visit then I do recommend to book a table, especially over the weekend.

We started our meal with the Roast Breast of Duck (Kamo) with Piri Piri Goma. I was surprised to see this on the menu at a Japanese restaurant. This dish is a salad which is nice for the  warm weather.


Followed by  the Tori karange (deep-fried chicken) which is a more familiar dish that you will find in many Japanese restaurant.


We ordered a selection of sushi to share, including my favourite toro (fatty tuna). I found that the sushi quality is as good as Atari-Ya.


As well as sushi, Ibuki serves a selection of donburi and udon noodle. I would not recommend the udon noodle because it is such a simple dish that took two hours to be served, after numerous chasing with the restaurant. When it did finally arrived, all of us had finished their meal apart from my friend who had been waiting for his udon noodle soup. We could not understand why it took so long.

There a range of cooked donburi and sushi donburi if you need some thing more filling then the usual sushi. I ordered the salmon sushi donburi which I thought was nice and beautifully presented.


If you want a larger variety of fish then the Chirashi is a good alternative, as you get a range of sashimi on a bed of rice.


A meal is not always complete without having a dessert, and Ibuki has a variety of dessert to complete the meal.



We weren’t impress on the service that evening, especially with the udon noodle soup. But the food served at Ibuki was okay and I would consider visiting again. The price at Ibuki is reasonable although I would not consider it cheap. But then eating good quality sushi does not come cheap in London.

Ibuki Sushi
12 Lauderdale Road,
W9 1LU,



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