The Fish and Chips Shop

This is no ordinary fish and chips shop, it is what I consider as a classy fish and chip shop, which is reasonable priced since fish these days are expensive ingredients.

The Fish & Chips Shop,  Islington

The Fish and Chips shop is a small place and popular so I do advise to try to book a table if you can. As we went last minute, all the tables to fit us was all booked but we managed to get the high table near the entrance to the restaurant.

The Fish & Chips Shop,  Islington

You must think that you would come here for the fish and chips, which you could. But I actually recommend the Shrimp burger with spicy tartare sauce (£11). It is one tasty burger which is definitely a thumb up from me. You will bite through the crispy breadcrumb to find juicy shrimps.

The Fish & Chips Shop,  Islington

If you do prefer or want to have a tradition fish and chips then you have the choice of cod or haddock. We tried the Battered cod (£9.75) which comes with a wedge of lemon. The fish was nicely cooked with a golden crispy battered and moist fish inside.

The Fish & Chips Shop,  Islington

The chips (£2) comes separate which enable people to combine it with other sides on the menu.

The Fish & Chips Shop,  Islington

We also saw saveloy on the menu but only the deep-fried version, where the saveloy is covered in battered. Although I preferred my saveloy with out the battered, we still ordered a portion to try.

Saveloy was some thing I used to love ordering at my local fish and chips shop until the shop disappeared. It does bring back those childhood memories and you also realise how much the food culture has changed.

The Fish & Chips Shop,  Islington

The next time when you in Islington and looking for food then consider trying The Fish and Chips Shop. It is a gem in the area!

The Fish and Chips Shop
189 Upper Street Islington
N1 1RQ


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