Porky’s BBQ

Me and a few friends stumbled across Porky’s BBQ, when we were looking for dinner around Camden Town. As you will have guess the restaurant specialise in pork. When you come to Porky it is about ribs and pulled pork.


The ribs here are no average ribs, as they are so meaty that you will hardly find much bones. If you come here, then I suggest to come with an empty stomach if you want to finish off your rib meal. It is definitely a man vs ribs!


When we first came to Porky we did not realise how meaty the ribs, until we kept eating to find there was actually not much bones. But we also started with some opening dishes to try the first time we were here and that probabaly did leave less room in our stomach for the ribs.

I think we could had left the pork sctaching which was too hard and crunchy for me. But I am not a person who like hard and crunchy food!


However, the BBQ Wings was my favourite which was covered in tasty Porky’s BBQ sauce.


If you are not a rib fan and prefer some thing lighter than the pulled pork at Porky is a good alternative. The pulled pork comes served with toasted bun and like the ribs it is accompanied with house pickles which helps open your appertite.


The pulled pork can be served as a porky burgers. But this is not the only burger served by the restaurant. If you are not in to your pork then there is a beef burger or for veggie fans the bean burger.

You have the option to get sides to go with your dish which I found are good to share on the table. My favourite are the sweet potatoes fries which is a good alternative to the seasoned fries.

I loved the way the food are served at Porky, which seem like a common way to serve food these day. It has that rustic feel which seem so British to me!


Porky’s BBQ (Camden Town)
18 Chalk Farm Road,



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