Chicago Ribs Shack Clapham

Chicago Rib Shack restaurant re-borns in London with a fresh look, and I had the oppotunity to go and try it out before it officially opens on Monday. I say re-born becuase you might know that Chicago Rib Shack once had a restaurant in Knightbridge which now no longer exist. It was once one of my favourite place to put on a bib and have ribs or pulled pork.

Chicago Ribs Shack Clapham

The new resturant is much smaller which is located under Clapham train bridge. When the train goes pass you will hear a thunder like noise. The menu is a reduced version of what they used to serve in their restaurant and now concentrating more on ribs. But there is a selection of burgers and small bites. Really making it a nice place for a casual place to have lunch or dinner.

Chicago Ribs Shack Clapham

Although it is now a more refreshed Chicago Rib Shack, it still has the Exhipigton which was once at the Knightbridge branch. Children can get colouring pens and pig template to design their own one on paper.  Then occasionally Chicago Ribs will choose the best design to create as one of these pigton and add to the gallery.

Chicago Ribs Shack Clapham

There is a range of alcholic and non-alcholic drinks served at the restaurant. Even some of the alcholic cocktail could be turned in to mocktail like my mojito.

Chicago Ribs Shack Clapham

As it was a private event, the dishes in these photo are not served in the same way if ordered from the menu. We were served in taster portion to try what the new Chicago Rib Shack has to bring to London.

We got to try three different small bites on the menu. Starting from the top and working clock wise in the photo below:

Mac & Cheese Bites cames serve with spicy tomato relish. This was an interesting way to serve mac and cheese as we know it. It is a good idea for canapes, because when you go to a stand up party you just want food that you can eat with one bite. Flashing light bulb is going in my head now!

Hush Puppies is also served with with spicy tomato relish. This went well with the spciy tomato relish and really needed it to give the flavour.

Pulled Pork Spring Rolls was served with pickled cabbage mix and mustard dipping sauce. The sauce was really spicy to me but gave a kick to the spring rolls.

Chicago Ribs Shack Clapham

The smoked pork and fennel salad was my least favourite dish we were served. We got it served as a tapas portion for us to be able to try, but it is usually served as a salad dish. The pork was really smokey but I couldn’t find that refreshing flavour from the pink grapefruit.

Chicago Ribs Shack Clapham

We were served the baby back ribs which is served with BBQ sauce. But there are other two ribs that is on the menu, including the thick cut belly ribs and beef ribs.

Chicago Ribs Shack Clapham

As well as ribs, we got to try the Rib Shack cheese burger. Lucky it was tasting evening becuase I don’t think I could have the whole burger to myself.

Chicago Ribs Shack Clapham

We finished our evening sampling a selection dessert. Starting from the left – chocolate brownie cake, lime key pie and cheesecake. My favourite has to be the lime key pie with that refreshing lime flavour. But I was disappointed not to be served the Mississippi Mud Pie that the old resturant used to have on the menu.

Chicago Rib Shack Clapham

The staff are really friendly and we even got to meet one of them who used to work in the Knightbridge branch.

Although the restaurant is not centrally located in London, it is right next to Clapham overground station and a short walk to Clapham North tube station.

Fancy trying then there is a currently a soft launch period until Sunday 27th July 2014. Check their website for more details.

Chicago Rib Shack Clapham
Arach 642 Voltaire Road,


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