The New Angel Notting Hill

The New Angel Notting Hill is chef John Burton-Race return to the UK catering industry. The restaurant is hidden on a quiet residential street which is about 10 minutes walk from the tube station.

The restaurant opened in April this year, with a soft launch period that lasted until the beginning of May. I decided to give it try with a few friends and see what The New Angel had to offer in London.

We had the choice to go for the tasting menu but we all decided to order our own three course meal.

Before starting our starters we were served an appetiser which was a foam soup. It was really light being foam so it did not ruin your appetite.

The New Angel Notting Hill

There are various starters to select and the scallops was a favourite of mine on the menu. But since a few of us had decided to go for the scallops, I thought let’s try some thing different. Instead I ordered the salmon which was served in a broth.

The New Angel Notting Hill

There is some thing about scallops which make me attract to it as a starter. But like with many other seafood it only taste at its best when it’s cooked just right.

The New Angel Notting Hill

For my main I was broken between the choice of meat or fish. But since we are at Chef John’s restaurant then fish should be a good choice, right?!

The New Angel Notting Hill

The fish I choice was cooked nicely but I found it had a bitter taste. It is a taste that you would find when the fish stomach had burst during the cutting and cleaning process of the fish.

The New Angel Notting Hill

For dessert I want for one of my favourite – soufflé! The restaurant was serving Raspberry soufflé, served with white chocolate mousse and raspberry sorbet. It was three dessert on the plate which I guess you are suppose to eat in a combination with each other. However I ate them one by one, starting with the soufflé and then follow by the white chocolate mousse. I left the raspberry sorbet for last which was coated in a chocolate shell. This was the favourite component of my dessert.

The New Angel Notting Hill

The most colourful dessert on the table would be the Gariguette Strawberries and lemon mille-feuille, with Italian meringue, strawberry sorbet and baby sorrel.

The New Angel Notting Hill

The restaurant interior and atmosphere was nice. It does make a place for a special occasion or a couple night our. But I did not walk out of the door feeling there is something that I would go “WOW”!

The New Angel Notting Hill
39 Chepstow Place,
Notting Hill,
W2 4TS


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