Big Easy Bar.B.Q & Crabshack (Covent Garden)

When I heard Big Easy was doing a soft launch in March for their new opening in Covent Garden. I was excited like a little girl and wanted a table.

I have never visited their original branch but heard that Big Easy serves crabs. My eyes just lit up with excitement hearing crab! Chinese restaurants is the only places in London that I know where you can eat crabs (the ones where you need to get your hands dirty).

Big Easy (Covent Garden)

Big Easy in Covent Garden is spread over two floors, with live music on the ground floor. We were lucky to get a table near the stage where we got to see and hear the band playing. Definitely a bonus!

Big Easy (Covent Garden)

There are a range of alcoholic drink mix to choose – slushies, boozy milkshake and even juices with alcohol. If you are thirsty for alcohol then I recommend trying one of them.

I decided on the strawberry slush that contained rum. This is great drink to cool down in the Summer. It reminded me of slush puppies but with the added touch of rum.

Big Easy (Covent Garden)

We ordered the Voodoo Chicken Wings served withe blue cheese dip. They weren’t the best chicken wings in London that I have tasted. But it hasn’t discourage me to try the Pit-Smoked Bar.B.Q chicken wings on my next visit. I think that sounds more tasted!

Big Easy (Covent Garden)

For my main, I ordered the Lobster Bake which consisted of a 1 1/2 lobster, shelled shrimps, mussels, crab claws and potatoes. There was no mussels left on the day, so instead we got more crab claws. Even better!

Big Easy (Covent Garden)

Crabshack Combo was similar to the lobster feast, except it did not have the lobster and it consisted of clams instead.

Big Easy (Covent Garden)

The seafood was tasty and is definitely recommend over their meat dishes. But it does get a little messy trying to crack open the shells. But once you get to the meat it is so satisfying.

If you like your crab then you can order a whole steamed Atlantic crab served with butter. We were tempted but it was sold out so made our choices a little easier.

For those who is not fond of seafood then there are variety of meat dishes to choose including steak. Otherwise you can opt for the meat feast such as the Bar.B.Q Blow Out or the Taste-O-Ramen. They are great for sharing.

However if I had to choose then seafood is better then the meat as we found it too dry and it needed sauce which was missing.

Big Easy (Covent Garden)

The dessert was not very exciting and I probably could have skipped. We were going to choose the waffle but unfortunately it was all sold out for the day. May be that would had provided me some excitement!

Instead we ordered the sticky pudding and a slice of cheesecake to share. Although neither one got my thumbs up, the sticky pudding was better than the cheesecake.

Big Easy (Covent Garden)

Big Easy (Covent Garden)

Overall it was hit and miss, may be because it was a soft launch period? Otherwise Big Easy is a great addition to Covent Garden of places to dine. It is especially great to have more option on places serving affordable seafood.

Big Easy (Covent Garden)

Big Easy Bar.B.Q & Crabshack
12 Maiden Lane,


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