Bibimbap Charlotte Street

Bibimbap has opened a second branch on Charlotte Street, bringing us Bibimbap Charlotte Street! Same deco and same menu! The second branch is located close to Goodge street tube station and a few minutes walk from Tottenham Court Road.

For those who don’t know, Bibimbap is a restaurant that specialise in the signature Korean dish Bibimbap (rice topped with a variety of vegetable and optional meat) served in hot stone bowl (dol sot).

There are more bibimbap dishes variety then you would usually find then most Korean resturant. Even vegetarian will not be short of choice as there is a variety of hot stone bibimbap to order that contains no meat or seafood.

The dol sot option is one of my favourite and will be one that will also cater for vegetarian. This is a tradition bibimbap which consist of thinly sliced cucumbers, carrots, beansprouts, shiitake mushrooms, white radish and topped with a fried egg.

Bibimbap Charlotte Street

Recently, I have been loving seafood so we ordered the mixed seafood bibimbap. The bibimbap comes with vegetables and variety of seafood including squids and juicy mini shrimps. Even though it was in a hot stone bowl the seafood did not appear to get over cooked and that is definitely a good thing.

Bibimbap Charlotte Street

For one with meat, my favourite has to be the Beef fillet bibimbap that consist of raw beef and vegtable. With all the hot stone bibimbap you can add a fried egg for an additional charge of £1, but with the beef fillet I recommend to add a raw egg.

Bibimbap Charlotte Street

The best way to eat the beef fillet bibimbap is to mix it as soon it arrives in the sizzling hot stone. You will find that if you keep mixing the beef it will start to become cooked beef strips. But of course if you like your beef slightly raw then don’t mix it too long.

Bibimbap Charlotte Street

As in my previous review for Bibimbap’s first branch, the way to eat a bibimbap is to use your spoons or chopstick to mix every thing together with the rice. You have the option to add sauces (chilli or/and miso sauce) before or after mixing.

If you prefer non-spicy food then I recommend to just add the miso sauce which brings flavour to the bibimbap. But if you do not want neither sauce then you can leave them both out. This is what make Bibimbap restaurant good, as you season the dish to your own taste.

Bibimbap Charlotte Street

Along with your Bibimbap, there are also side dishes that you can order. We ordered a few to share.

Seafood pancake which is a Korean style pancake.

Bibimbap Charlotte Street

The Jap Chae is glass noddles with vegetable. This dish had a beautiful fragrant flavour of the shiitake mushroom.

Bibimbap Charlotte Street

The Chilli Squid (deep fried battered squid seasoned with sea salt and chilli) was one of my favourite side dish that evening and it is coming from some one who is not a big fan of deep fry dishes. The dish came with a dipping sauce but I felt it didn’t need it and happily ate the crunchy crispy squid with out it.

Bibimbap Charlotte Street

Along with the side dishes and bibimbap, we also ordered one of the two soup (chi gae). We went for the the kimchi soup which consisted of pork and kimchi in a hot and spicy soup. This is a nice for the cold winter weather as a great way to warm up and have with a bowl of rice.

Bibimbap Charlotte Street

I was really satisfied with the food at the Charlotte Street branch and it was as good as their original branch in Soho. If you are looking for a casual and affordable place to have lunch or dinner, then Bibimbap will be one place I would recommend. All the hot stone bibimbap is under £10 and side dishes are under £6. It is the one place I know in London that offers you miso sauce for your bibimbap. A winner for those who want a flavoursome bibimbap but not spicy.

Bibimbap Charlotte Street
10 Charlotte Street

For my previous review if their first branch Bibimbap Soho, please click here.


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