Snowflake (Soho)

I was walking along Wadour Street one day and realised Snowflake has a home in Soho. It opened its first branch in Bayswater and now it has a second branch in London Soho.

The place is small with a few tables and it can get busy on a Saturday evening. But if you do mange to get a table then you can enjoy dessert that is just more then a few scoops of gelato.

Snowflake has created various gelato dessert including gelato served with freshly made pancakes or waffles.

Snowflakes Gelato

Snowflakes Gelato

I opted for one of the Snowdrift which is well known ice cream sundae dressed up. There is a range of selection which all look yummy, but settled sharing a Knickerbocker Glory snowdrift with a friend. This is made up of Madagascan vanilla, strawberry and chocolate gelato, with fresh strawberries, shaved chocolate and strawberry coulis.

Snowflakes Gelato

If you don’t feel like a gelato then there are a range of cake including red velvet cake. A piece of cake is nice with a coffee or the selection of teas. But if you don’t even fancy a piece of cake then you can order from a variety of drinks including Snowfloats, Snowshakes, juice and smoothies.

Snowflakes Gelato

Of course if you not looking for any thing fancy then just choose from the variety of gelato flavours to be served in a cup or cone.

Snowflake (Soho)
102 Wardour Street


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