Kimchee To Go

It’s probably about half a year since Kimchee To Go opened their first branch on The Strand, and soon after they opened their second branch close to Tottenham Court Road station. This is the first restaurant in London to bring the concept of quick Korean food which has been brought to us by the same people behind Kimchee restaurant located in Holborn.

Kimchee To Go is great when you want a quick food whether to eat in or to takeaway. You just grab the ready to eat food from the shelves and pay at the counter.

There are a range of hot and cold food to choose. I prefer the hot food over the cold food but I do like the Sweet Tofu Kimbap which are great for a light lunch in the Summer.


Pair it with a chilled citron tea which is refreshing and has a hint of sweetness, or a Morning Sunshine which is a rice based drink. It looks like milk but contains no dairy, and has hint of rice taste.


In the cold section you will also find Korean favourite dish – bibimbap. You take this to the counter where they will fill it with a choice of plain or mixed grain rice. Mix it all up and you get a warm bibimbap dish. There are three different bibimbap to select – tofu, chicken or beef. All are served with seasoned vegetables and comes with a soup.


Some time I will buy the bibimbap to take home and then add a fried sunny egg to go with it and it be almost just like how it is served in Korean restaurants.


From the hot counter you will find Korean style rice and noodle box. My favourite has to be the Tofu Dupbap which consist of sliced tofu in mild bulgoi sauce with soy marinated egg.


Some time you will find lighter hot food including Korean style pizza, par jeon (Korean pancake) and pie. WIth Korean tradition, Kimchee To Go also brings us dishes with Korean influence.

Kimchee To Go

Strand branch:
388 Strand,

New Oxford Street:
106 New Oxford Street,


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