Union Jacks

Covent garden has it beauty when it comes to Christmas, with its dazzling Christmas balls hanging in Covent Garden piazza. It is so nice to sit in Covent Garden Union Jacks to admire the festive decorations.


At this branch the restaurant is situated outdoors in the Piazza area so they have gadgets to have your seat and feet heated. Not sure if they work as I could not feel any obvious heat but when I visit it was not too cold.

Union Jack (Covent Garden)

For those who do not know, Union Jacks is another of Jamie Oliver’s restaurant which is about British cuisines and we see dishes served with influence of British flavours.

Union Jack (Covent Garden)

We started off our dinner with  Mussels served in cider, cream and celery sauce (£6.50).

Union Jack (Covent Garden)

You might think this look like a drink but this is actually lemon water to wash your hand that comes with the mussels.

Union Jack (Covent Garden)

The menu consists of a range of British classic and grills, which has to include the British classic – Fish and Chips (£14.95). This had to be my favourite dish on the table at Union Jacks that evening. Beer battered haddock served with chips, mushy peas and tartare sauce. The combination went well and it is so far my favourite mushy peas.

Union Jack (Covent Garden)

I had the roast belly and banger (£14.50) served with mashed potato & beer mustard dressing. It was a nicely cooked roast belly pork that had a crispy skins that I could still bite.

Union Jack (Covent Garden)

There are a range of dessert including homemade ice cream with interesting flavours such as earl grey tea and biscuits. As the weather was cold we opted for a warm sticky toffee pudding (£6) served with butterscotch sauce and clotted cream.

Union Jack (Covent Garden)

I like the rustic feel that Union Jacks which has the touch of Jamie. Even the tea come served in a mug that reminded me of camping.

Union Jack (Covent Garden)

(Prices correct at the time of dining)

Union Jack
5, North Hall,
Covent Garden Piazza,



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