Hutong At The Shard (Dim Sum)

After sharing my dinner review for Hutong At The Shard (, it would not be complete without a lunch review. So It is back up the lift for another visit to try out the dim sum that is serve during lunch hours. If you do not fancy dim sum then the a la carte is available all day, so you can still enjoy Hutong’s Peking duck.

The bonus of enjoying a dim sum meal at Hutong is being able to admire a day time view of London. There has been many high rising buildings recently born and having had the opportunity to visit, it has made me realise and appreciate how beautiful the city of London.

Huton At Shard (Dim Sum)

Hutong’s dim sum selection is not large, with a page each for steamed and fried/baked dim sum. We ordered a range of dim sum to try from both section, but we tried to select the ones that are unique to Hutong.

The Baked Wagyu beef puffs (£7.50) is one of Hutong’s signature dish. It is an inspiration from the tradition baked roast pork puff that is commonly found on dim sum menus. It is a nice concept but still does not compare with the good old tradition filling.

Huton At Shard (Dim Sum)

There is a selection of pan-fried dumplings each with a different filling, including a vegetarian option. We tried the Pan-fried lamb and fennel seed dumplings (£6) which I found to have a slight hint of fragrant in taste from the fennel seed.

Huton At Shard (Dim Sum)

Although the Shanghai-style xiao long bao is a common dim sum to see in many Chinese restaurant in London, it is not always the dim sum that is made very well. Therefore, I was interested if it could compare with those you get abroad. Unfortunately, it did not, or even as good as other places that I have tried in London. It was still nicely made, thin pastry and some soup but it was not the best and definitely not worth the price of £6.50 a portion for three dumplings.

Huton At Shard (Dim Sum)

The Rose champagne shrimp dumpling (£6) had a beautiful rose pink pastry. But in terms of taste I thought it was like any normal prawn dumpling (har gau).

Huton At Shard (Dim Sum)

The Crystal crab meat dumpling (£6) was a better choice with crystal clear pastry filled with minced crab meat and vegetable.

Huton At Shard (Dim Sum)

Ginger and spring onion lobster buns (£7.50) is another signature dish, but is not one that make me want to have a second one.

Huton At Shard (Dim Sum)

I think it was not my expectation of biting in to a bun filled with lobster meat. Instead it was filling that was a bit on the watery side.

Huton At Shard (Dim Sum)

In terms of buns then I preferred Hutong’s Steamed barbecue buns (£5.50) more then their signature buns.

Huton At Shard (Dim Sum)

There is a small dessert section in the dim sum menu which includes a selection of sweet dim sum. Both the custard buns and egg tarts are sweet dim sum but I do not categorised as a dessert. They are just another dim sum to have along the savoury dim sum, so we requested both to be served at the same time as all other dim sum.

We did order the Pan-fried red bean paste pancake as our last dish to finish off. So you could say this was our dessert.

Huton At Shard (Dim Sum)

It’s nice to have dim sum alongside a beautiful view, but I thought the price of dim sum was too expensive for what was served. It need to have a wow factor for paying a price of around £5-£7 for a portion of dim sum.

Hutong At The Shard
Level 33 The Shard,
31 St Thomas St,
SE1 9RY,

(Prices correct at the time of dining)


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