Hawker House

Hawker House

Street Feast from 8th November 2013 launched Hawker House, bringing London six weeks of indoor street food night market. The house is located in an old factory which is a short walk from Cambridge Heath train station.

There are variety of food and drink from different traders for us to try, but  prepare to queue. I do recommend to go early not just to avoid the entry charge but also the queue at each traders.

I started off at B.O.B’s Lobster where I tried the Lobster Roll (£11), which I could not resist to compare it against the popular Burger and Lobster. My preference has to be the lobster roll at Burger and Lobster although it cost £20 with fries and salad. Why? It has to be the flavour, especially Burger and Losbter toasted roll.

I also tried the Lobster Mac ‘n’ Cheese (£8), which has chunky lobster meat. This you can not get at Burger and Lobster so I can not make a comparison. But means that it is unique to B.O.B’s Lobster.

If you like your rib then visit trader Smokestak. A friend brought a beef rib which I found tasty, where the meat was as soft and succulent.

From what I did try on the evening, my favourite has to be Yum Bun where I had a hot fluffy white bun with breaded pollack, mayo, coriander, lettuce and pickles. For their signature would be the pork bun that contained slow roasted belly pork with cucumbers, spring onions and hoi sin sauce.

Hawker House (Friday 8th November – 14th December 2013)
38-50 Pritchards Road
E2 9AP

Every Friday and Saturday 5pm-2am
(Free before 7pm and after midnight, £3 all other times)


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