Patara (Soho)

Patara is a Thai restaurant which has branches located around the world including Bangkok and Singapore. In London there are four branches and we visited the Soho branch that is located on Greek Street. Lucky we made a reservation in advance as it was a busy restaurants on a Friday evening.


We ordered various dishes to share, including some appetizers. But it looks like we ended up ordering all skewers as appetizers.

The satay trio which has a combination of chicken, prawn and beef satay.


Panaeng Gae Ping – barbeque marinated lamb skewers accompanied with curry sauce, pickled vegetables and bread. I prefer this combination over the satay trio, as it was different.


There are the range of tasty mains which we ordered to share and have with coconut rice and pad thai. My favourite and one I recommend is the Panaeng Nong Gae. This was a nice tender lamb shank in paneang red coconut curry scented by kaffir lime leaves. To my surprise it was not as spicy then I expected, so may be it has been tone down.


Phed Pad Graprao – Stir-fried duck in garlic and chilli sauce with crispy basil.


Along with some warm mains, we also tried some of Patara’s salad. The Tuna Tartare was thinly sliced raw tuna in a tangy dressing. For some crunchy texture we tried the Yum Mamuang Pooh Nim, which contained mango salad with crispy soft-shell crab.


To go with the meal most of us opted to try the Thai milk tea. A nice alternative to just having the usual juices, tea and soft drinks.


We finished our meal with dessert and ordered three different one to share. But I personally think only one is worth ordering which was the sticky rice that came served with fresh mangos.


Other deserts we ordered included the baked banana served with ice cream and the pancake stuffed with fresh fruits.



I would not say Patara is a budget restaurant but it was not cheap, as for eight people we managed to spend around £35 each. However, it is a nice Thai restaurant to dine in various occasion.

Patara (Soho)
15 Greek Street,


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