Grillshack (CLOSED)

Grillshack serves simple all day grills at affordable price, in the heart of London. You can come here to wake up the day with Grillshack’s breakfast menu, or enjoy all day grill for lunch/dinner.

As with many restaurants in London there are no reservation, but you can make use of Grillshack waiting list system that you can find on their website. When you are on the way to the restaurant just go on to the website to put your name on the waiting list. An SMS message will be sent when the table is ready, which is held for 15 minutes. The system is helpful which tell you the estimated waiting list before deciding to be added to the waiting list, but it is missing the function of telling us where we are in the queue.


The technology does not stop there to help customers. To enable quick ordering, Grillshack has provided various methods for customers to order, whether it’s a take out or to eat in. The restaurant has made an easy comic illustration to show you how to order.

The main method to order is to go up to the counter to place your order with one of the staff. Then collect your drinks and sauces from the self-serve area, and wait for your food to be brought to your table by a Grillshack staff. If these counters gets busy then you can use the self-service option, such as the touchscreen order point in the restaurant or download the Grillshack app to make an order.


The menu is short with a small section for breakfast, that is served each day until 11:30am. I will need to find another opportunity to try Grillshack’s breakfast, as I want to try out Cinnamon French Toast and Buttermilk Apple Pancakes. The rest of the section is the all day menu.


There is a ‘while you wait’ dishes which included popcorn and garlic olives. We ordered the buttermilk fried chicken nuggets (£2.95) that is served with smoked chilli mayonnaise.


I was tempted to try the grilled half chicken, but decided to try the Hamburger as there was the option to have it with a gluten-free bun (£1 additional charge). I had the single patty (£4.95) but there is the choice to go for a double patty (£6.95). The burger come with lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise, but option to add cheese and/or chopped bacon  with additional charge of £1 each.

I felt that the gluten-free bun is not as good as Honest Burger, but it is great to be able to have that option in restaurant.


With my burger, I decided to have it with a portion of seasoned fries (£2.50) and the green salad with avocado dressing (£1.95).



If you like beef, then you might want to try the Flattened Rump Steak (£9.95) instead of the hamburger. The steak comes with shoestring fries and smoked butter, so you will not have to order any additional sides.


There are various sauce to go with any of the dishes. My favourite is Grillshack sauce, which has this barbecue brown sauce flavour.


I finished my meal with the ice cream cookie sandwich (£3.50), which comes in two choice of flavours (raisins with yoghurt or triple choc with vanilla). I choice the triple choc with vanilla which was vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two chocolate cookies. The cookie was too hard which made it difficult to eat and I would had prefer a soft texture chocolate cookie.


I do like the booking and ordering system at Grillshack. The food itself is simple and affordable for any time of the day.

(Prices correct at the time of dining)

61–63 Beak Street,


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