Caravan is a restaurant located in Exmouth Market that serves lunch and dinner, as well as breakfast (weekdays) and brunch (weekends). The place has a relax and casual atmosphere, which goes well with the rustic style food that is served.

We were there for brunch on a Sunday afternoon and it was buzzing with diners. As we could not make a booking, we had to queue up for a table. While waiting I had a glance at the menu to decide what Caravan had to offer.

The brunch menu consist of a range of choices. If you like some thing light then there is a fruit salad. if you like some thing a bit heavier and sweeter then a pancake. If you prefer a full English breakfast then try a Caravan Fry Up (£8.50), that consist of two eggs (any style), streaky bacon, roast tomatoes and mushrooms on sourdough or grain toast.

Caravan (Exmouth Market)

I had the Caravan fry up but asked to change the bacon to susages and paid the price diferent.

Caravan (Exmouth Market)

With my fry up I had a glass of carrot juice that was freshly made.


On the brunch, there was a Pork Schnitzel served with a fry egg.

Caravan (Exmouth Market)

Although, I am not a fan of bacon, the Cornbread French Toast with bacon, rocket and avocado (£9) was my favourite. I like how you can taste the crispy sweetcorn in the cornbread.

Caravan (Exmouth Market)

The photo does not really show it but it was cute to see such a mini milk bottle that came with the tea.

Caravan (Exmouth Market)

11-13 Exmouth Market,


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