Seoul Bakery (CLOSED)

After my previous post on AD12 atT40, I have decided to go from expensive to affordable! Eating expensive does not always means good food. The simplest and less expensive food can just be as good. Some time a simple dish can still be yummy and enjoyable, especially when you are dining with good accompany. You might be asking what will I be sharing with you in this post.

I want to introduce you all to Seoul Bakery, located in Centre Point of London Tottenham Court Road. This is not a bakery, but a Korean resturant with only a few seats (if counted correctly, there are only 12 seats). The shop is really small, with downstairs being a Japanese hair salon.

Seoul bakery is really casual with their walls cover in sticky post-it notes of pictures or comments by customers.

Seoul Bakery

I find it all really sweet and some of the messages are sweet as well. It makes it a greats dating place that will not break you bank account. You can leave a mark on Seoul Bakery wall, and you never know who might spot your footprint.

Seoul Bakery

The menu is simple with a range of popular Korean dishes all at a reasonable price. Even though it is cheap, each dish are beautiful presented.

Seoul Bakery

Most dishes starts with a base that you can build on to suit what you would like to eat, as well as how much you want to spend. One of my favourite is their Kimchee fried rice, where you can add a choice of ingredients (additional charges), including cheese. My favourite is fried onions, sausages and cheese.

Seoul Bakery

Another one of my recommendation is the Bimbimbap, which is served in a Korean style metal bowl. You have the option to add various meat or Kimchee (additional charge for each add-on).

Seoul Bakery

If you do not have the time to sit and eat at Seoul Bakery, or there are no space then you can opt for a takeaway. The Bimbimbap was just as beautifully presented in a round plastic takeaway bowl, just as if you were sitting in to eat.

Seoul Bakery

You can not book a table, and this place can get very busy. But if you do find there are not any tables available, you can dine at the other Korean resturants on that road. I do recommend Po Chung Ma Cha which is just right next door.

Seoul Bakery
55 St Giles High Street


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