Its burger time at BRGR.CO!

BRGR.CO is a burger restaurant in the heart of London. Here you can enjoy a BRGR burger in many ways including an afternoon tea of mini burgers or as a late night burger offer.

There are a variety of burgers to order that are served in a brioche style bun. Each one do not include cheese and are additional that you can add, but you do have a selection of cheese to choose.



There is the option to go bunless with the 8oz steak BRGR. Perfect for those who wants a light option or is wheat intolerance. The funny part of this dish is the big chunk of white cabbage on the plate.


I had the vegetarian option and tried the Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich (£4.95), which consist of aubergine, courgette, mushroom, lettuce, tomato and cheese. Although it is described as a sandwich it is served in the same buns as the burgers. The only different is it stuffed with veggies!



To try, we ordered the BRGR Dog (£4.50) to share. This is basically a beef hotdog that come with a choice of toppings. If we was not excited to try the hotdog, then a burger on its own with sides would had been enough to happily fill our stomach.


Like most places, you have to order sides separately. There are the choice of fries, coleslaw, caramelized onions, jalapeno, chili con carne and crispy bacon.

There are a range of fries to order, including parmesan truffle fries, cheese fries, crunchy fries and flaming chili fries.

As well as a section of sides, there is a section for appetizers. This is great as starters or as a shared sides to go with the burgers. My favourites are the Crispy buttermilk onion stack (£3.95) and Mac N’Cheese (£4.95).


The Mac N’Cheese is great comfort food and would go well with the bunless option.


At a glance on the menu, a BRGR burger does not look expensive. But once you add on the cheese, sides, sauce and drinks then the bill does goes up. This is what I refer as “posh” burgers!

(Prices correct at the time of dining)

187 Wardour Street,
W1F 8ZB,


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