Seoul Restaurant

Seoul is a North West London Korean restaurant located five minutes walk from Finchley Road tube station. The highlight of this place is there is up to 50% off the famous Korean barbecue (terms and condition applies). When I hear discount, how could I ignore, especially if it is for good food.

Seoul Restaurant

We ordered a variety of meat and seafood from the barbecue selection. As usual for Korean, most are varierty of beef. But there are pork, chicken a d prawns.

Seoul Restaurant

Seoul Restaurant

Along with the barbecues, we also ordered a variety of appetizers:

Yokhoe (Raw beef with egg and sliced pears).

Seoul Restaurant

Pa Jeon (Seafood and spring onion pancake).

Seoul Restaurant

Jap Chae (stir-fried glass noodle with beef and vegetables).

Seoul Restaurant

Spicy crispy chicken, which we thought would be coated with a sweet spicy sauce. But this was more of a stir fry that reminded me of a Chinese chilli garlic stir fry.

Seoul Restaurant

We also ordered Kimche Chigae served with rice (Kimchi, beancurd and pork in spicy broth). This is a nice winter dish that goes well with steamed rice.

Seoul Restaurant

Overall, the food was nice for being a local restaurant. It is a place I would visit again.

289 Finchley Road,
NW3 6ND,


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