Flat Iron

Flat Iron is for those people who love their steak or beef, as there is only one thing on their menu and that is the flat iron steak for £10. Unlike many steakhouse this place has a rustic and casual dining feel.

The first thing I noticed when I walked in to the restaurant, was a strong smell of beef that reminded of a butcher. You will love it or hate it. For me it was bearable but after a nice dinner it was a breath of fresh air stepping out on to the street.
Flat Iron

While we were waiting for our food we were served complimentary salted popcorn. Nice fluffy popcorn with a hint of salt.
Flat Iron

The flat iron steak came served on an iron plate. I had mine served as medium rare as the restaurant  advised it is the best way to have flat iron. But of course you can cook it to how you like your steak.

To go with the steak we ordered some sauces. We ordered one pot of béarnaise and one pot of peppercorn sauce.
Flat Iron

Each flat iron steak cames serve with baby lamb leaf.
Flat Iron

Half a pot of greens is not enough to go with our steak, so we also ordered a selection of sides (creamed spinach, chips and baked aubergine with cheese) that was available that day.
Flat Iron

We finished our meal with the dessert of the day which was the salted chocolate mousse. This was whipped up in front of you.
Flat Iron

It was suggested to sprinkle salt on the mousse, as it would taste better. This gave the mousse a salted taste, which was a like crunchy salted chocolate mousse.
Flat Iron

Flat Iron is a nice casual place to go for lunch or dinner, and the steak is reasonable priced. It is not like the usual steakhouse where you would break your bank balance having a piece of steak. Although do beware that ordering sauces and sides can add up.

(Price correct at the time of dining)

Flat Iron
17 Beak Street,
W1F 9RW,
United Kingdom



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