Chop Shop

Would you like some steaks and chops? Then how about you take a visit to Chop Shop which is a casual steakhouse located in London Haymarket, brought to you by US restaurateurs Altamarea Group. Chop Shop is a steakhouse which is rustic and a good place to have a casual dinner with friends.

We started our evening trying out some of the small dishes from the jars and crocks to share, which are in-house made. From the jar, we tried the Duck Liver Mousse (£6) which was a light flavoured mousse that smoothed well on to bread. The Prawn Cocktail (£6) at Chop Shop uses large prawn that is served with avocado and marie rose. The marie rose has a kick of fire which made it an unique marie rose, and the avocado was a great compliment to balance it out.

We ordered all two dishes from the crocks and one of them was the Meatballs (£9) and the other is the Cottage pasta pie (£9) that consisted of baked pasta with braised oxtail and parmesan. We were expecting this dish to be strong in flavour from the meat and the parmesan, however it surprised us that it was not the case. I did felt both dishes needed a bit more seasoning.

The reason that you would come to Chop Shop is for their steaks and chops. I recommend that when you are here then you should try the Creekstone USDA Hanger Steak (£13) which is best served medium rare. The steak texture is like a melt-in your mouth steak.

Other steaks that are available on the menu is Rosemary Brushed Beef Rob Chop (£26), Fillet Steak (£28) and Cumbrian Aged Bone-In Sirloin for two (£22pp).

If you are not a fan of steaks then there are the options of pork or lamb chop. We did not get to try the lamb chop so can not say if it good but the English White Pork Chop (£14) was nicely cooked. I thought this goes well with the vodka bacon peppercorn sauce which was like a mushroom sauce. There are a range of different sauces that you can additionally order for £2 each. As well as the vodka bacon peppercorn we also tried the red wine bone marrow that goes well with the steaks.

With all steaks and chops, you can add fried egg, caramelised onions and/or whole roasted garlic for £2 each.

We ordered a variety of sides to share and to go with our steaks/chops. We tried both potatoes dishes – chips and mashed (£3 each). The mashed was not the creamy mash that I expected and would had prefer. Instead the mash was crushed roast potatoes.

Vegetables are £4 each and we selected the creamed spinach, honey roasted carrots and the grilled trumpet courgettes, romesco and almonds.

If you or any one in your party do no feel like a steak and chops, then there is a range of other main dishes to select. This includes salmon, Roasted Chicken, White Label Burger and Soft Polenta.

Unfortuntely, that evening it was a soft opening so they did not have any desserts listed on the menu apart from Gelupo gelato. So I gave it a miss as I prefer to have Gelupo gelato straight form Gelupo.

Chop Shop does not officially open until beginning of September, but are doing a soft opening. If you are interested in dining at Chop Shop then get in contact with them to book a table.

Chop Shop
66 Haymarket,


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