Flesh & Buns

Burgers and ramen has been the recent food trends in UK, so could the next trend be buns. The creators of popular ramen restaurant’s Bone Daddies now brings you their new baby – Flesh & Buns. Ramen will not be a dish that you will find at Flesh & Buns, but instead hirata buns. The concept of their Covent Garden venue is an Izakaya style restaurant – a place to drink and eat.

Flesh and Buns

Flesh and Buns is located in Covent Garden of a basement building. You will see a large television showing Japanese cartoon when you walk down the stairs to the dining area. One thing to bare in mind that there are no mobile reception once you are downstairs of the restaurant.

Flesh and Buns

We started our meal with some of their small dishes and one was the Watercress, avocado, shiso in a garlic sesame dressing (£7.50). This was simple salad which I think we could have given a miss.

There are a range of sushi rolls on the menu and we ordered the Softshell crab roll with jalapeno mayo (£9), Prawn tempura roll with yuzu mayo (£9) and Eel cucumber roll (£10). Each set comes with five pieces of roll.

Flesh and Buns

The main star of the evening has to be the buns and was what I came to try. There are a variety of fillings to choose, from beef, duck, pork, chicken, lamb and fish. We selected four different fillings to share between six people:

Fried Sole (£14) served with picked daikon (radish) and ginger lemon mayo. This was a nicely fried sole in battered and went with the bun to make some thing similar to a fish bun. Only thing was we were missing the ginger lemon mayo and it needed some sauce to go with the fish and bun.

Braised Pork Belly (£14) with pickled apple and mustard miso. This has to be my favourite filling of the evening but it is one that goes very well with the buns. I also loved the pickled apple which was not too sour and has a sweet taste.

The Flat Iron Steak (£15) served with  pickled shimeji and BBQ sauce. This was my least favourite as I felt the steak was over cooked. But steak is best served on its own then in a bun. If it was a braised beef and was shredded then it would suit better.

Whole Baby Chicken (£16) with celery pickle and yuzu kosho rub, This was slight spicy and surprisingly the chicken was nicely tender.

Flesh and Buns

We could not leave Flesh & Buns without trying desserts. We selected five desserts to share and this included S’More (£8) which was the one dessert I wanted to try. This is a dessert where you slightly soften the marshmallows over a small Japanese grill like a camp fire.

Flesh and Buns

Then put the marshmallow between the biscuits which has a slice of green tea that melt with the warm marshmallow. The green tea really makes a different to the s’more to balance out the sweetness.

Flesh and Buns

Yuzu Meringue Pie (£7) was served with raspberry yuzu sorbet. This was a nice refreshing dessert and I loved how it had crumbles of meringue. Even our special guest, Pig Rabbit had to take a sniff!

Flesh and Buns

Kinako Donuts (£6) contained a black sugar custard which is one to share as it is heavy. But it was nice since it was not too sweet. It taste even better with Flesh and Buns refreshing sorbet.

Flesh and Buns

Other dessert that we tried included the Chocolate Fondant (£8) that came served with strawberry shochu ice cream. For those who like fruits and a Japanese inspiration is Bone Daddies sundae (£7) that contained matcha ice cream, blueberries, jelly, honeycombs and cream.

As an Izakaya restaurant there has to be a range of drinks and there will be some thing for every thing from soft to hard drinks. For those who like to stick to soft drink then there is coke/diet coke, fever tree (tonic, lemonade, ginger beer), home-made shiso & tarragon soda, iced green tea and a range of blended fresh juices. There are some unique blended fresh juices like yuzu & raspberry presse with elderflower, watermelon and blueberry or ginger & honey nectar.

The hard drinks includes a range of cocktails, beer, bubbles, wine shochu, whiskey and spirits.

Flesh and Buns

Overall spending at Flesh and Buns was okay that evening as we were there for a soft opening where food was 50% off food. We spent about £17 per person for food and drinks on a party of six people. But with out this discount then we were looking about £25-£30 for what we ate, which did not come cheap.

(Prices correct at the time of dining)

Flesh and Buns
41 Earlham Street,



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