Five Guys UK

In July, the American fast food chain Five Guys finally arrived in UK and I was already full of excitement to grab a takeaway during the first week of opening. But I have been really wanting to sit inside and take in the Five Guys atmosphere, as well as trying out the drinks machine. Finally a oppotunity during a late Friday evening when the queue was shorter to have a second visit.

After a 5 minutes queue outside, we were finally inside waiting to place our order. If you do get too hungry waiting, then you can collect a tray of peanuts to snack.

Smiliar to Shake Shack, there is one side to place your order and one side to collect the order. I found the music too loud that it made it difficult to place my order without having to shout.

There are a selection of beef burgers to choice, that come in two sizes (one or two beef patty) – hamburger (£4.75/6.75), cheeseburger (£5.50/£8), bacon burger (£6/£8) or bacon cheeseburger (£6.75/£8.75). Each one do not come with any toppings so you do have to order them with your burger and all of them are free. There are a large range of toppings to choose – mayo, lettuce, pickles, tomatoes, grilled onions, grilled mushrooms, ketchup, mustard, relish onions, jalapeno peppers, green peppers, hp sauce, bar-b-q sauce and hot sauce.

The little burger size is actually a normal size burger which comes with one beef patty. It is the size that was big enough to fill me up. I choice the little cheese burger with mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, grilled onions and grilled mushrooms.

The presentation of the burger is no way as beautiful as Shake Shack but I do love the range of free toppings we can choose to add in to the burger.

Fries have to be order separately with the option of having them as Five Guys style or Cajun Style. If you like spicy food then I suggest to try the Cajun style. I actually prefer them over the Five Guys style which I found bland. The fries are like chips which I prefer over the French fries style. It was a style that KFC used to serve but no longer do so was great to see a fast food chain with this style.

Both styles of fries come in three sizes – Little (£2.75), Regular (£4) and Large (£5). We ordered one portion of each style in little. It looks small but a portion can be shared between two because they fill an additional scoop in to the bag that contains the fries and burger.

One of my highlight to go to Five Guys is not just the burgers and fries, but the drink machine. You can choose a soft drink which is unlimited refills for £2.50. You will be given an empty cup for you to go and fill it up at the drink machine.

There are apparently over 100 drink choices from the CocaCola drink machine, which consist of both fizzy and still selection. I prefer still drinks so was testing out the different Fanta still flavours. My favourite has to be the peach flavour which tasted like Japanese peach drink.

If you are a vegetarian then there are a selection of sandwiches (which are actually burgers) – veggie sandwich (£3.75), cheese veggie sandwich (£4.50) or grilled cheese (£3.75). I have tried the veggie sandwich and surprising to have loved it that I would go back to Five Guys for it. The veggie sandwich was simple with no deep-fried ingredients, instead it consisted of lettuce, tomato and grilled mushroom.

Hot dogs are on the menu but are not yet available in the UK. When it is available then I plan to be back to try out and see how that compares with Shake Shack’s hot dogs.

(Prices correct at the time of dining)

Five Guys UK (Covent Graden)
1-3 Long Acre,


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