Shake Shack (UK) – Covent Garden

After American fast food chain Five Guys we were shortly welcomed by Shake Shack. Both are located in Covent Garden with Shake Shack situated in the heart of Covent Garden.

Shake Shack

Just like Five Guys, there was a queue for Shake Shack, but although it looked long we only had to queue for 10-15 minutes before finally reaching inside to order our food. Once you have placed your order you will get a buzzer which will vibrate to tell you when your order is ready to pick up from the collection point.

Shake Shack

All beef burgers comes in the option of either a single or double patty. I ordered the Single ShackBurger (£5), which is a cheeseburger consisting of lettuce, tomato and ShackSauce. We were advised that the ShackSauce is a tangy mayo but I actually did not find it a tangy. Compared to Five Guys, the burgers at Shake Shack is less greasy and definitely better presented. The presentation reminds me of the Japanese burger chain Mos Burger.

Shake Shack

All fries at Shake Shack are crinkle cut potatoes, which is a cut that is not usually served in UK restaurants. We ordered one portion of fries without cheese (£2.50) and a portion of the cheese fries (£3.50) that is served with cheddar cheese sauce. Although, I am a fan of cheese fries, I was not keen on the cheese served at Shake Shack.

Shake Shack

Shake Shack

When you are at Shake Shack then you have to try their frozen custard (ice-cream) which comes in the form of shakes, cups/cones or concretes. Although the strawberry shake (£4.50) lacked strawberry flavour the peanut butter won me over.

The concrete I recommend is the Concrete Jungle (£4 for a single and £6.50 for a double) which consist of vanilla custard, marshmallow sauce, banana and peanut butter sauce. If none of the suggested concretes mixins take your fancy then you can create your own.

Shake Shack

Ours started to melt in the hot weather but it was still tasty. If you are like me who was keen to try out Shake Shake’s burgers and their concretes, but do not want to re-queue. What you can do is place you order and tell them to hold your concrete

If you are not fond of shakes then there are other drinks such as lemonade, iced tea, Fifty/Fifty (half lemonade and half iced tea), root beer, beers and wines.

While queuing I noticed that they sell baby clothes with Shake Shack logo. So even babies can be part of the Shake Shack atmosphere.

Shake Shack

I can not wait to be back to try out the Shroom burger for vegetarians and the selection of hot dogs. For now its a big welcome to Shake Shack!

(Price correct at the time of dining)

Shake Shack (UK) – Covent Garden
24 Market Building,
The Piazza,


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