Kirazu opened recently in Soho to offer Japanese Tapas to the people of London. You will find many Japanese food in tapas size which is a great way to sample food.

The restaurant is small with two long wooden table, and then some seats at the high table facing towards the window where you can look at to the buzzing street of Rupert Street. For those people who know this area, it is the street where you will find Bubbleology, MADD and on one of the side street is Gelupo.

We ordered a range of dishes from the dinner menu and the special including some of the following:

All £3.50

  • Spicy Minced Beef on Tofu
  • Marinated Deep Fried Salmon
  • Japanese Omelet
  • Deep Fried Dumpling
  • Grilled Aubergine with Sweet Miso Sauce
  • Chicken Teriyaki
  • Aburi Chashu (seared roasted pork)
  • Takoyaki


  • Grilled Eel & Cucumber with Japanese Vinaigrette Sauce
  • Chicken Karaage (crispy fried chicken)
The Takoyaki was so far the favourite I have had in London. It was much better cooked then what I brought in the market a few months ago.

As well as the tapas dishes we ordered one of the two ramen (Classic Soy/Salt, Rich Flavoured Miso) that Kirazu offers. It came served with a separate bowl of sesame seed which you crush yourself in to sesame paste. This reminded me of similar concept served in Hong Kong while eating Japanese cutlet pork.

Kirazu is a nice place to get a light bit over a drink. But I would suggest tapas of any kind for those with very hungry stomach.

(Prices correct at the time of dining)

47 Rupert Street,
W1D 7PD,
United Kingdom


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