Hawksmoor Spitalfields (Bar)

Busy days have kept me a way from writing on my blog, but I have not stop eating and trying out the yummy food that are out there. Just like last months when it was the launch of Hawksmoor Spitalfields bar new menu and the bar area was doing 50% off food.

When you hear that Hawksmoor is doing discount how can the foodies community not be there. So it was no surprise that there would be a queue. Although I was not expecting to arrive at 6pm to be told there was only a table of four left at 9pm. I came all the way that it seem to be a disappointment to just leave and not try any thing, so we did end up waiting.

The long wait did make us super hungry, that we almost ordered every thing on the menu and that included dessert. Since we had a big enough stomach and the budget then why not. Also it was 50% off so a good opportunity to test out the menu.

We started off with the Ox Cheek Nuggets (£7) and XO Chicken Wings (£5). The OX Cheek Nuggets had a crispy coating which you bite in to soft and moist pig cheek meat. It was such a tasty snack that we ordered a second portion.

The Hawksmoor’s cheeseburger (£8.50) had the option to add Kimchi or Ox Cheek for £1 each. It was this addition that made the burger different from a normal cheeseburger. We thought the Ox Cheek that was the best addition to the cheeseburger.

The Fillet ‘O’ Fish fish burger (£8.50) was okay but it does not beat a McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish burger. At least there are alternatives for any one who do no eat pork or beef.

I found the pulled pork bun (£7.50) slightly on the dry side which was disappointing. The Ox Cheek French Dip was better which had moist Ox cheek meat and I felt it was still a moist dish even with out the gravy that came with it.

The Pig’s Head Poutine (£8) was gorgeous dirt. If you like soggy fries like me, then this could be the one for you as this is like having wet chips. The chips are covered in gravy, melted cheese and with the extra twist of pig’s head meat. I actually preferred this over the triple cooked chips (£4).

The cucumbers & watermelon (£3) was unusual combination with it being refreshing with a spicy kick from the wasabi coating. To our surprise it went well with the dishes.

We finished our meal with desserts which are a similar selection to the restaurant. But the bonus that evening was it was half price.

Although a long wait it was worth it. I would return and pay full price at the bar area with the new menu. Next time I want to book one of the booth for a night out with friends.

(Prices correct at the time of dining)

Hawksmoor (Spitalfields)
157a Commercial Street,
E1 6BJ,



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