Carluccios – Breakfast

During a business trip I decided to stop by Waterloo station to have breakfast at Carluccios. Although it was early morning, it was already buzzing with people, but it was no surprise since it was a branch located inside one of London busy train station.


I ordered the scramble egg with portabella mushroom which came served with Italian toasted bread, and asked if they served gluten-free bread. The waiter kindly said they could substitute the bread for oat cakes. This suited me since I know oat cakes are wheat-free.

(My believe is oat cakes are usually wheat-free and not always gluten-free)

Trying to reduce wheat is hard as many food contains wheat. I can spend a while finding food as I would have to read through the ingredients and most time it is back on the shelf. However, the most difficult thing is eating out as you are not always 100% sure if dishes are wheat-free or gluten-free. There are many restaurant in London which do not cater for wheat-free let along gluten-free.

Carluccios is currently one of my favourite restaurant in London for wheat-free or gluten-free dishes. The branches I have visited are always happy to help and advise on what is gluten-free on their menu. The menu itself is also helpful in aiding to select the suitable dishes for different dietary requirements.



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