Floral Chocolate Afternoon Tea (Pearl Restaurant & Bar)

Floral Chocolate Afternoon Tea

Are you a dessert person? Do you like your chocolate? Have you got a sweet tooth? If it is a “Yes!!!” then you just might like to hear that from 4th May till 16th June 2013 (3-6pm Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holiday) you can indulge in a Floral Chocolate Afternoon Tea (£27.50) at the Pearl restaurant & bar.

It is a great season to be inspired by flowers because it will be the Chelsea Flower Show in London. What better way to be part of the Spring season with an afternoon tea. The best thing about this edition of Pearl restaurant’s afternoon tea is that it comes with a help-youself chocolate buffet. You will be sugar overload after an afternoon indulging in the beautiful looking chocolate desserts.

Floral Chocolate Afternoon Tea

The afternoon tea comes with a plate of warm plain and raisin scones, sandwiches and mini rolls. The sandwiches had traditional fillings including ham, beef and cream cheese. The mini rolls had either egg mayonnaise or smoked salmon.

Floral Chocolate Afternoon Tea

Of course we were not there for the scones of sandwiches, but we started off with them and they did taste nice. However, we all left some room for the main stars, which are the chocolate desserts. But I do like to have some thing sweet and then follow with some savoury food, so purposely left some sandwiches for later.

We could help ourself to a range of chocolate desserts and each one is so pretty that I could have easily filled my plate with ever single one. But of course you do not want to do that as some are quite sweet if you do not have that sugary taste buds.

There was also a chocolate fountain to cover strawberries, pineapples, marshmallows and biscuits.

Many of the dessert had floral inspirations such as the Passionfruit and coconut flowerpot. It was almost too beautiful to eat but when I did it was a nice combination of flavours. Outside was  a chocolate flowerpot and inside was filled with nice soft creamy texture.

Floral Chocolate Afternoon Tea

English rose and raspberry cake rock was as it described a rock. Outside is made of mazipan and inside is a sponge like cake. This to me was the sweetest and the most filling due to the mazipan.

Floral Chocolate Afternoon Tea

The favourite with many people was the Raspberry and garden mint macaroon. Unfortunately, there was not enough to go round and it was this one that they never replenish back on the stand. I have to say that the macaroon was made beautifully in both taste and texture, it can compete with Laduree.

Floral Chocolate Afternoon Tea

There were even these beautiful packaged chocolate.

Floral Chocolate Afternoon Tea

After so many sweet desserts, it did get to the point when I decided that the fruits are nice without any chocolate.

Floral Chocolate Afternoon Tea

(Price is correct at the time of dining)

Pearl Restaurant & Bar
252 High Holborn ,



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